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3 Reasons Not To Be Homeowners Before Marriage
More and more young couples are buying a house together before saying 'I do.' Save yourself a lot of heartache by avoiding the new trend of millennial couples who are buying homes together before they're married. A recent study by Coldwell Banker found that "about one in four married couples younger than 35 bought their first home together be...
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Are My Money Personalities From My Parents?
When we talk with people about theirMoney Personalities, someone always asks us how they happened to get them. Are they born with them? Is it how they were raised? The answer is yes and not really. We see example after example that verifies your twoMoney Personalitiesare part of your DNA in other words, God hardwired them in to you.Of cour...
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3 Saving Strategies To Get Your Kid Out of The House And In College
Aside from retirement, sending your kids to college is probably the largest expense that you will experience. Even the politicians are saying, "College is not affordable. Student loan debt is out of control."; We think every parent worries about this. But, is it even worth saving and if so, how do you do it? Since 1995, the average tuition of...
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The $10,000 Newlywed Surprise
Coming home from vacation is so hard! While you're swinging in a hammock in paradise you forget your long list of things to do, your bills, your diet and your boss. Coming home is a startling return to reality. Josh's return home was especially startling.Home from Maui with his new bride, he went to their bulging mailbox to retrieve the ma...
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The Money Couple’s Back-to-School Survival Guide
According to our research, back-to-school expenditures are second only to Christmas so the school shopping is a "biggie";. In addition to the tips below, be sure to read a recent article we were interviewed for - clickhere. Enjoy this time of year, keep your money relationship intact, teach your kids a thing or two and get your school year off...
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