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The Profit Zone
Connect ONLINE and Convert OFFLINE!

What you need to maximize online communication to make more money!

Terri understands the confusion and frustration that most business professionals face when trying to navigate the new demands for 21st Century effective communication with clients, customers and prospects. She cuts through the hype and offers 7 simple steps to attract, engage and convert online leads to solid relationships using the best of Web.

You don’t have to be a “techy” to gain from this program. Learn the simplest and easiest steps to need to tweak your marketing message to bridge generational core preferences and values with all 4 generations. Discover the newest strategies that build trust and foster relationships fast with effective use of online communication channels. Terri outlines the steps that guarantee more profitability and provide that “WOW” experience for their customers and clients.

Stop Selling! Start Connecting! 5 Ways to become your Marketplace Celebrity

Are you still using outdated and ineffective methods to engage customers and clients to buy your products or services? Today’s successful sales people know it is NOT about selling, but all about authentic connections and expertise. Terri shares why selling doesn’t work but connection is key to have the customer want YOU! Learn how to position you and your company as the “celebrity authority” in your marketplace or industry to make more sales more easily!

Zap the Communication Gap! The Power of Connecting using Generational Dynamics

Do you think everyone communicates just like you? How well do you speak Boomer? Gen X? How about the texting generation? If your text messages look like ransom notes…you need this program! With four distinctly different generations working side by side in today’s workplace, we need better communication and connection skills than ever before! As more boomers retire, and more GenX and Millennials enter the workplace, we just can’t communicate the same way to each group. So what are you doing to bridge that gap?

To connect with all four groups, today’s professional must fine tune their messaging and connection channels to meet and exceed the core values and communication preferences to attract, engage, and connect with these consumer segments.

Terri helps you harness the magic of effective communication strategies, skills and resources by giving you the tools to relate more effectively with all four generational segments and four social styles. To make faster and more effective connections, save marketing dollars, and to improve relationships for higher productivity and profitability, this session will help you to bridge the “gap” and convert prospects into real profits!

Terri Murphy
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Terri Murphy

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