Terri Murphy Text Reviews

I told Nido (Qubein) you were about the best if not the best keynote speaker we had ever worked with. I mean that. You were great for us. Thank you!
Mike Ferretti, CEO - Great Harvest Franchising, Inc
Terri has demonstrated the perspective & skills to teach & empower people in the art of using and maximizing the benefits from social media. . . . talented individual who immediately captured the interest of our group . . .
Bob Dorsa, President - ACUMA
SIBF was fortunate to have Terri Murphy as a speaker for our inaugural Middle East Leadership Academy, which brings together emerging business leaders from Arabic speaking countries throughout the Middle East for an extended 10-day program. It was critical for us to make a good first impression in the region, and Terri played an important role in helping us to achieve our goal. She connected especially well with our audience prior to her presentations, personalized her program according to their individual circumstances, and delivered her material in a professional, engaging and informative manner. What a delight to have her on our team! What Terri did at MELA was well beyond what I was expecting, and surpassed every speaker since!
Bill Starnes, Curriculum Coordinator - SIBF MELA
Her ability to connect us with our target audience has proved to be extremely beneficial in creating that bridge with our end users, ancillary partners and industries.
Judy Margrett, President - The Turning Point, Inc.
I believe good relationships should last a lifetime and our association with you should be one of those! It always seems that many people make promises to keep in touch but never do; and you are then a person in a special category.
Mark Brimble, Franchise VP - PRD
Thank You for coming into our Region once again and doing a great job at our events this week. I received a ton of great comments! The excellent video training you and Verl produced was beyond our expectations!
David Linger, Executive VP - Regional Director - RE/MAS North Central, Inc.