Sekou Andrews

Sekou Andrews, TED NSB Sekou Andrews, TED NSB
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Sekou Andrews

Motivational Poet / Strategic Presenter

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L.A., California, United States
About Sekou Andrews

Imagine harnessing the power of an engaging opening video, an electric closing performance, and an insightful main stage keynote all in one dynamic presentation. For over 15 years Sekou Andrews has been helping the world's largest organizations deliver relevant information with riveting inspiration through an innovative, unconventional category of speaking called "Poetic Voice."

It is no surprise that Forbes Magazine has called Sekou "the de facto poet laureate of corporate America." His ...

Sekou is the single most impactful act I have used in my corporate shows in 8 years. His talent and professionalism are unsurpassed and he continues to amaze every audience I have had the opportunity to share him with.

Tona' Broussard-Wilson, President - Now and Zen Productions

Sekou is a true master at his craft; his ability to transform ideas and insights into powerful and compelling stories is truly an amazing gift. That gift combined with his professionalism makes him a rare talent.

Trevor Edwards, VP Global Brand & Category Management - NIKE

I still don't know how you do it, but you managed to communicate complicated corporate messages and explain detailed projects in a way that was powerful and meaningful. And the message came across loud and clear.

Nicole Ishida, Communications Specialist - Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

I was like, "Oh, there's this poet coming in ... this is going to be totally lame and boring." But when he came onto the stage... I was absolutely mesmerized with his ability to turn the audience on. Our challenge is "How do we get people thinking differently?" And I've got to tell you, I paid for a catalogue speech and this guy came in and delivered one of the most exceptional experiences that this company has had. We've seen a tremendous amount of shift in our people."

Jarrod Dogan, CEO - Hybrid Apparel

"It's hard to imagine the artistry of this young man; his ability to take a concept - factual information - weave it into a story, move an audience, and structure a presentation of the most complex [form], taking us up and taking us down. It's not a single message, but a series of waves; a crescendo, and they don't end in the beach, they end in hope and understanding. I'm in awe of his talents."

Richard Saul Wurman, Creator - TED Conference

"Our challenge is to help our organization understand how customers are experiencing [our industry's] changes... what are the implications for us as a company. So we went to Sekou, to try to have him help us see all these changes through the eyes of our customers, and what it means for us. Sekou opened up our global leaders meeting, with a fantastic soliloquy [on] the customer of the future in a way that cut through to the one hundred top leaders at eBay... it got our whole organization and our whole leadership team focused...The reaction was very positive, both to his remarkable talent [and], even more importantly, to the messages his performance conveyed to us; it helped us have a really productive meeting thereafter."

John Donahoe, CEO - eBay
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