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TC Stallings

Starring as "Tony Jordan" in the 2015 hit movie "War Room", T.C. Stallings is an actor, speaker, and author aiming to use all of his gifts to live out his God-given purpose in life.

T.C.'s main mission is to simply share the message of Christ and help others recognize the calling that God has placed on their lives. He loves studying scripture and asking God to show him an effective way to communicate its true meaning, so people can clearly understand, follow, and obey Him. T.C. is known for teaching in a very enthusiastic, memorable, and easily understandable style; often using props, audience volunteers, and short videos to help illustrate the messages God gives him. As a result of simply being passionate about helping people connect with Jesus and understand His calling on their lives, T.C. has been platformed by God through many ways including feature films, television commercials, sports modeling contracts, writing, and speaking opportunities in and out of the country.

Before T.C. began his acting career, he enjoyed a stellar football career in the collegiate and professional ranks. After retiring from football in 2008, he set his sights on film and television. Success as an actor began in 2011 with his role as "TJ" in the movie "Courageous'. Several more movie roles would follow, along with frequent appearances in national commercials including features during the Super Bowl and Olympic Games. With all of his success, a consistent focal point for TC is to always do it without any spiritual compromise.

T.C. and his family live in Southern California. He is married to his college sweetheart Levette Stallings, and they have two beautiful children.

TC Stallings
Featured Book

Playing on God's Team: 21-week Devotional for Building True Christian Athletesby TC Stallings

Playing on God's Team: 21-week Devotional for Building True Christian Athletes

by TC Stallings
When it comes to your sport, I'm sure you've been told to strive to be the best athlete you can be, which should produce success in the game. Spiritually, its NO DIFFERENT. God commands your best! But in this case, the game is LIFE. The bible is the playbook. The coach is CHRIST. And YOU are the player.
 In Playing On God's Team, athletes everywhere will find out what it truly means to be on team Jesus, and will be challenged to live as true Christian athletes. All athletes are familiar with the meaning of dedication, desire, perseverance, and giving great effort. In this study, they will come face-to-face with the scriptures revealing the biblical fact that God demands these same actions from Christians-His team!
This challenging bible study and devotional will help athletes answer this simple question and equip them to respond: When it comes to God's team...what kind of player would Jesus say you are?
No more "game-day-only" Christian athletes. Playing on God's Team is about being an everyday follower of Jesus, on and off the field, in and out of season! 
What's Inside:
*21 weeks of powerful, short, easy to digest devotional lessons that provoke thought and discussions!
*Multiple discussion questions at the end of each chapter, perfect for team or individual weekly bible studies!
*Wrap Up Videos covering all 21 sessions featuring "going deeper" commentary from TC himself! (*Videos viewable via
*TC Stallings' own inspiring story of how he learned what it truly means to play on God's Team--the same  story that inspired the book!

TC Stallings
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TC Stallings

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