Susan Robertson Bio

Susan Robertson is a force of nature, a dynamic and colorful keynote speaker who energizes audiences and provides a much-needed toolkit to cultivate innovation.

Acclaimed Thought-Leader. Harvard University lecturer in the field of applied human creativity and innovation.

Battle-tested Consultant. Susan works with clients such as Kellogg's, New York Presbyterian University Hospital, Pepsico, Tufts Health Plan, Clorox, Bank of America, Georgia Pacific, and The American Association of Cardiologists to sharpen their strategic creativity and produce real, tangible results.

Proven Innovator. Susan managed new product and new business development inside Fortune 500 companies for 15 years prior to her consulting career.

Research Geek. Susan has a passion for leveraging the neuroscience of creative thinking to make the learning and behavior change "stick." She also helps clients navigate the inherent conflict between individual creativity and institutional barriers to drive real organizational progress.

Breathtaking Performing Artist. Susan delivers inspiring keynotes and workshops that address both the intellectual and emotional aspects of creativity and change. Not to mention, she's an accomplished dancer!