Steve Ridgway

Steve Ridgway

CEO of Virgin Atlantic (2001-2013)

About Steve Ridgway

Steve Ridgway was CEO for Virgin Atlantic between 2001-2013. During his time at the airline, he saw Virgin Atlantic grow from two 747s to a fleet of 40 long haul aircraft, flying six million passengers a year all over the world. Virgin Atlantic is considered by many to be one of the world's most innovative airlines, having won top business, consumer and trade awards.

Steve Ridgway joined Virgin Atlantic in 1989 and soon-after was appointed Managing Director of Virgin Freeway in 1990, launching ...

Steve's industry knowledge and business acumen has ensured Virgin Atlantic remains a consumer favourite . . . He has been a hands-on, inspirational leader and has shaped the airline into the company it is today.

Sir Richard Branson - Chairman & Founder - Virgin Atlantic Airways
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