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Steve Farber
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Speaking Reel
Time 20:55
Extreme Leadership Traits: Positive Risk Taking and the OS!M
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Greater Than Yourself

The New Gold Standard For Mentoring And Talent Development

The greatest leaders become so by causing others to be greater than themselves. In this program based on his Wall Street Journal bestseller, Greater Than Yourself—Farber shows that dedicating yourself to bringing others along so that they can achieve more than you is the ultimate way to boost talent, ramp productivity, and create truly significant current and future leaders. You will be challenged to aspire to the new gold standard in leadership with a powerful, three-step method:

Expand Yourself – Deepen and expand your personal capabilities
Give Yourself – Share your knowledge, network, and experience to help others grow
Replicate Yourself – Create a culture of coaching and mentorship

Current, next-generation, and high potential managers and leaders at all organizational levels

The Personal Side Of Innovation

Managing Risk From The Inside Out

Every business book will tell you that it’s important to take risks and learn from your mistakes. But intellectual understanding of that truth usually isn’t enough to compel people to act, to try, to make the leap necessary for creating innovative products or services. In this interactive keynote session, Farber teaches a new perspective on what it means to try, fail, learn from mistakes, and then succeed in the end.

Participants will:
Increase their personal capacity for risk
View their challenges as positive adventures vs frightening obstacles
Become more innovative in their approach to work
Learn from mistakes and apply what they’ve learned
Try new things more readily and enthusiastically

Front-line, executive, or mixed-level

Your Radical Leap Forward At Work And Beyond

Based on The Radical Leap, which was named as one of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.
In this chaotic and extreme age, business leaders must demonstrate an unprecedented level of passion, determination, foresight, dedication, and fearlessness. In this wildly popular speech, Steve Farber shows you how to use the LEAP framework – Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof to radically improve your organization and your life. In this energetic and insightful program, you will discover how to:
Inspire yourself and others to achieve extraordinary results
Earn your customers’ and employees’ love and loyalty
Engage yourself and others—even in troubled or transitional times

Current, next-generation, and high potential managers and leaders at all organizational levels

Creating A Culture Of Leadership At Every Level

C-Suite executives have a unique leadership challenge: they live under a microscope; people watch everything they do. So much so that their decisions, actions, behaviors, and communications have a direct effect on the entire culture of the organization. That’s the good news. And, of course, it can also be the bad news.

There are two sure-fire ways to change an organization’s culture. One, do nothing. And, two, do anything. That’s the very nature of a culture – it’s always evolving. For that reason, developing a good culture is like developing a good relationship–it requires constant attention and never-ending awareness from the C-Suite on down.

In Extreme Leadership From the C-Suite, Farber draws on his proven methodology and multi-industry experience to help officers and executives inspire and energize the entire enterprise. The result? A corporate culture that attracts and retains the best talent, creates innovative products and services and yields radical results.

C-Suite officers and high-level executives

Steve Farber
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