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Stephen Hill Speech Topics

Redefined: A Journey to Recovery
(Student assembly grades 6 and up) This keynote presentation begins with a six-minute introduction video aimed at knocking down the stigma attached to the disease of addiction, educating the audience on the current drug epidemic, and setting the stage for a powerful, honest and heartfelt story....
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Break The Silence: Let's Talk About It
(Breakout sessions on day of event or follow up) For those who have heard Stephen speak, and especially those who have also read his book know that he shares many experiences which are extremely difficult to talk about. Stephen prides himself on keeping his presentation real and authentic by...
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Not My Kid: Parent Program
How does 1 of 4 brothers, all raised in the same home by loving and supportive parents, end up addicted to drugs and committing crimes for over a decade while the other 3 brothers take the positive path to business school and law school without any substance use issues whatsoever? Stephen answers...
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