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The Magnetism of Exploration
Like iron is drawn to a magnet we, as humans, are drawn to exploration. It is damn near impossible for us to leave a rock unturned. At Creative Ventures we share this passionate curiosity as we build and launch our strategic ideas, always looking for new ways to express value. In 1990 NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope. Up it went and set...
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The Opportunity of Circumstance
Despite having been in my field for 31 years I remain a simple apprentice, still learning my trade. I attend and participate in a great number of meetings, conferences and events every year. I know that many presenters or instructors arrive within a small window of time just ahead of their appointed program and rapidly exit after the last que...
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Hey Pluto, You're Back in Style
OK, I couldn't resist, I had to do something about Pluto. Pluto, a diminished world, is now a superstar, residing at the very edge of our solar system, hanging out with its buddies in the Kuiper Belt where snowball-like objects call home. In January 2006 NASA, full of the excitement of exploration, fired off a huge Atlas V rocket to send out ...
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