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Learning to Flyby Steph Davis

Learning to Fly

by Steph Davis
Traces the story of the first woman to free climb the Salathe Wall in Yosemite, describing how her husband's controversial climb and related media fallout compromised her marriage and prompted her transition to skydiving.

The Sky is Not The Limit

We are all asked to do impossible things–“impossible” often just means you haven’t figured it out yet. Pushing past the edge is what Steph Davis does on a daily basis: she climbs mountains and flies off them in a squirrel suit.

Steph shares her story of following a simple passion for climbing rocks to becoming an icon in the extreme sports world.  She offers tools we can all use to take on big problems, to work through fear and to manage risk. 

Steph’s message of facing challenge with humility, focus and determination is accompanied by jaw-dropping imagery that will take your group out of the conference room and to the highest peaks around the world, and will inspire everyone to rethink the meaning of “impossible”.  

Format: multimedia keynote presentation, 45 minutes with option for Q&A.

Learning to Fly - Lessons From the Air

Embracing Change, Managing Risk and Fear. In today’s ever changing world, businesses and individuals are faced with a constant stream of information, choices and change. The traditional pathways to success are also changing, as are perceptions of risk, sustainability and achievement. Extreme experiences are a compelling metaphor for life and work. Steph speaks on the lessons she’s learned in the mountains and in the air as a professional climber and wingsuit pilot, and in choosing a highly nontraditional career path. The audience will take away Steph's tools for: • Managing change • Embracing failure • Understanding risk and fear • Cultivating adaptability • Preparing for opportunity Audiences are encouraged to view their own challenges through a new lens, recognizing the power of adversity and evolution, and the value of crafting an uncommon life.

Collaborating With Fear

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: learning to rename fear and use it to move forward.

Extreme Risk Management

Lessons from the most high commitment sports: free solo climbing and wingsuit BASE jumping: how you can manage risk, deal with loss and embrace growth through discipline and calculated risk.

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