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Star Parker

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Star Parker
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Current: Star Parker: Under Democrats, taxes go up and Americans get less

Time 04:30

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Star Parker: Under Democrats, taxes go up and Americans get less
Time 04:30
President Trump tweets about Star Parker's appearance on Fox news
Time 14:53
Dangers of Socialism
Time 03:49
Elizabeth Warren Lies About Minimum Wage
Time 03:25

Capitalism is the World’s Best Anti-Poverty Program

“Capitalism is not about being ‘on your own,’ as we hear so often on the left. It’s about entrepreneurs being free to create prosperity by serving their fellow citizens with innovative ideas and products.”

Market-Based Ideas to Fix America’s Inner-Cities

“Poverty is big business. The cost of the war on poverty has been $22 trillion since it began. Today, the federal government spends $900 billion every year (Twenty-five percent of the national budget) on anti-poverty programs. These programs have spread dependence and ruined our inner-cities. By liberating entrepreneurs, expanding Opportunity Zones, and getting government out of the way, a new era of growth and prosperity can begin in neighborhoods that need it the most.”

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

“The so-called social justice concept of redistribution of wealth to alleviate poverty has not only violated private property rights, but it also has violated Scripture: Don’t Covet! Wealth redistribution under the guise of Social Justice violates the very social structures needed for one to excel - and break the cycle of poverty. Society diminishes into a ‘tragedy of the commons’ which demands Collectivism and Political Correctness: the mantras of progressivism.”

Star Parker
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