Tim Goad |  If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, Tim can take you there. How? Vision, Culture, Team & Environment.

Tim Goad

If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, Tim can take you there. How? Vision, Culture, Team & Environment.

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Tim Goad

Tim Goad is a leadership expert, speaker, and high-level consultant who has trained and coached top executives and leadership teams at companies such as Disney, Mail Boxes etc., Amway, National Agents Alliance, Eniva, and JibeCast. His unique approach and vast experience have made him a valuable asset to the ongoing success of corporations spanning many different industries. Leadership teams emerge from his training with a fresh, more energized approach toward the overall purpose of their corporate vision. He and his wife, Gaye, have helped countless numbers of professionals learn the strategies and leadership principles so necessary in creating an environment of excellence in corporations, ministries, and individuals. By drawing on over 30 years as a proven successful leader, Tim Goad gives organizations the competitive edge required to excel in every area of leadership.To know the man that Tim is today, however, one needs to begin in an earlier, more humble beginning. At the age of 11, Tim began to display the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities that would come to define his entire life. While his friends filled their day with baseball games and leisurely summer activities, Tim worked hard to develop his first company, a lawn care business that enabled him to become partially self-sufficient. It was during this time that Tim was quietly developing the leadership qualities within himself that would become the foundation that countless others would come to rely on as he embarked on the next phase of his life--a phase that would eventually touch thousands of lives. Not satisfied with merely attaining financial success, and burdened with the overwhelming desire to make an impact on the world, Tim, at the age of 18, created Goad International, a non-profit, purely humanitarian mission that would eventually grow into one of the widest-spanning organizations of its kind in the entire world. Relying on a natural ability to lead others, Tim worked tirelessly to develop Goad International into an organization whose reach spanned 180 countries as well as 23 cities in the United States. As Tim's vision grew, so did his organization--eventually employing over 500 individuals throughout the world as well as 80 right here in America. The numbers are staggering: 5,000 volunteers Over $300 million worldwide 88,000 at-risk kidsOne could conclude that the most impressive aspect of Goad International is Tim's personally developed program, which trained over 3,000 kids every year in advanced leadership skills. As those well-trained kids have begun to embark on their own life's mission, it becomes nearly impossible to ascertain the number of lives Tim Goad has impacted. Through Tim's achievement with Goad International, opportunities arose that allowed him to work closely with many influential leaders from around the world. People such as Rick Warren, Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale, Denis Waitley, and John Maxwell have called upon Tim's leadership and expertise to train, develop, and implement strategies for organizations such as Amway and Church Growth Training--an organization committed to training up church leaders to impact communities. It was during these many years that Tim grew his reputation as a resource for developing leaders and for creating environments of growth within a corporation.Today, Tim Goad draws upon over 30 year's worth of leadership experience to help organizations, leaders, and individuals attain new levels of success and effectiveness. Tim does not merely train leaders; he develops them. During his teaching, Tim creates a new approach for his audience and then teaches them how to apply the valuable lessons learned in their everyday life, both professional and personal. In building effective leaders, Tim teaches the importance of a clear and compelling vision as well as the crucial role of self-leadership. Leaders learn the techniques that Tim perfected in dealing with difficult challenges. Finally, Tim teaches the core truth that he has learned over the course of his 30-year career: that proper mindset is an essential ingredient toward the effectiveness any leader maintains with their group. When creating high-performance teams, Tim focuses on how to best equip them for the challenges they face. No team finds success when the culture of a corporation is polluted. Tim deals directly with these struggles through team building exercises that ultimately bring about the positive change so necessary in the overall success of any organization.Simply put, attitude reflects leadership. No one understands this truth more than Tim Goad. To properly train any leader, Tim must make them aware of the importance of the successful mindset. By teaching the excellence of attitude, Tim equips leaders with the tools necessary to achieve both their goals and their corporate vision. Is your team ready to see its vision become reality? Book Tim Goad today!

Tim Goad
Featured Keynote Programs

A Winning Team

If you had the choice, would you join a winning or a losing team? Winning starts on the inside and is a choice. In Tim’s talk on winning, he will teach you the 10 decisions your organizations can make to win. The first ingredient to winning is everyone taking personal responsibility.

Defining Success

Most companies, even at the top executive level, don’t truly know what success will look like for them. By focusing on where you’ve been, where you currently are, and where you are going if you continue the same behavior, Tim will help you identify where you ultimately want to be and what you need to do to get there.

How to Stop Self-Defeating Behaviors

The single biggest obstacle to success is so often ourselves. Leaders have an amazing ability to unknowingly sabotage their own success on a daily basis. Once you identify and understand how these self-defeating behaviors work, however, change can happen in an instant. Tim will show you exactly how to get out of your own way once and for all.

Leaders Do 4 Things

Leaders are agents of change. In This teaching Tim teaches how all leaders basically do 4 things:

1. Bing Positive Change
2. Cast Clear & Compelling Vision
3. Dissipate Negative
4. Raise Up Leaders

The future of any organization is its ability to attract talent, develop talent, and have that talent develop other talent. Remember, your leaders are your most appreciable assets.

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Tim Goad

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