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Shaun Derik

For more than a decade, nationally acclaimed speaker and performing artist, Shaun Derik, has dedicated his life to helping people, young and old, reconnect with their passion and God-given gifts. Shaun delivery is unconventional; a hybrid of live music and comedy has made Shaun a force in the world of professional speaking. Audience members leave Shaun's presentations feeling motivated and energized; as a result are encouraged to take massive steps towards the achievement of their life-long goals.
Shaun's most notable work has been in youth empowerment working with such worthy causes as The Mississippi Department of Education's Drop Out Prevention program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York Youth Advocate training, and ABC Virginia's Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Project. His expertise in effective youth engagement derives from his 8 years in youth development, 5 years in prevention, and 3 years in philanthropic event planning.
His style remains upbeat, nontraditional and his workshops reinforce the skills necessary for the 21st century student.
Shaun learned early about the power of a mentor. Having struggled through his grade school years, and like so many young people, developed low self-esteem, Shaun needed positive reinforcement. He would find it in a teacher. After Shaun turned to music as an outlet for his emotions, he was intercepted by a music teacher who heard him playing in an empty music room. The teacher gave, what Shaun refers to as, the greatest gift of all; a compliment that forever changed Shaun's life.
Later Shaun studied dance, music and theater diligently at his performing arts high school, Fort Hayes. While in college, he immersed himself into ministry. And it was while serving the youth at his church where Shaun would find his knack for motivation and leadership. Shaun went on to study Hermeneutics and Public Speaking at his church's bible school before branching out to New York city to begin a in professional public speaking.
Shaun then moved to New York City, began his work in film and event planning. He then teamed up with R.E.A.C.H. Communications, Inc., founder, Javier Sanchez. Together they've reached more than 500,000 young people globally.

Whether onstage, in the classroom or behind the camera, Shaun continue to inspire garnering features on CBS, NBC, and a host of other media outlets.

Shaun Derik
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Meet Shaun Derik
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Shaun Derik
Featured Keynote Programs

Use your Inside Voices - Middle/High School

Now more than ever young people have the power to change the world. Though advances in technology has made life more convenient for some, social media and reality programming has made mindless behavior, drug abuse, bullying, and a lack of respect for others widely acceptable – making it hard for others. In, Use Your Inside Voices, Shaun recounts how “finding his voice” helped him stand up for himself and others. Shaun Derik outlines the tools necessary for your students to become agents of change in their homes, schools, and communities.

Dreams & Detours - Middle/High School

Using the metaphor, life is a song, Shaun teaches listeners to pay attention to the music playing
in their heads and to be mindful of negative influences and how we treat others. Just like the components of a successful production, this presentation challenges you to learn, practice, and perform positive habits. With a strong background in the performing arts, Shaun combines the importance of vision and an awareness of the world around us with an unbeatable plan of success. He tells the story of his own struggles while exercising his acting muscles, displaying years of conservatory dance training, and ending every conflict-filled story with a powerful message to never give up.

Back to your Future - Middle/High School

In High School, the term “Back to School” can take on a whole new meaning: For some of our young people, back to school can mean back to a stressful peer environment: being picked-on on the school bus, sitting alone in the cafeteria, or just not feeling adequate enough to learn. Back to Your Future outlines the importance of being future-minded, increases school spirit, builds camaraderie, and gives your students the momentum they need to start their year off on the right foot.

Back to your Future - College

After high school, the term “Back to School” takes on a whole new meaning: a new perspective, diverse surroundings and a crash course in adulthood. Some students will know exactly what they want to do, some will have no idea, but all are sure to experience 3 things in a way they have never experienced before: Independence, freedom, and extreme pressure. This presentation outlines the importance of being future-minded, builds camaraderie, and gives each individual student real life tools needed for them to be on par with their chosen path.

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Shaun Derik

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