Your Key to Success: Endurance

You can’t fail unless you quit.  Endurance in tech leadership is the key to success, but durability is not rigidity. Endurance requires flexibility.

What do you do when someone disappoints you?

Can you maintain your integrity under any circumstance?  Can you adapt to adverse situations?

A friend/business connection offered to do something that I needed, but waited over a year to follow through.  I felt let down as I waited and waited.  It hurt.  After all, she had offered.  And she knew it was important to me. 

Finally, I heard from her.  She had a very serious health issue which she hadn't told anyone about.  Now she was well and ready to help me.

Whew.  I felt guilty about thinking negatively about her.  We never, ever know what is going on with other people. 

You give away your power if you get upset because someone has disappointed you. When they don't follow through or do what they promised to do - even if they are just being a flake, if you get upset, you put all the power into their hands. 

You can't make them do it. 
You can't control their behavior. 
You can control how you react and how you feel. 

You want them to do it so that you will be happy.   Right?   Why not just be happy?   Why not be flexible enough to endure until you reach your goal.

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