To Be Successful, Be Attractive

An example of the “Law of Attraction” that might help you:

My friend Jerry is a pilot who was the chairman of his pilots' union. The union meetings were held in a room where everyone ate and smoked. It was a mess.

At one point, the union was negotiating a new contract and the two sides were stuck in a deadlock. Many, many meetings had taken place without reaching an agreement.

Jerry had attended one of my seminars where I said, "If you want to attract something, be attractive."

So, one night before a crucial meeting, Jerry went into that room and cleaned the whole area himself. He vacuumed, dusted, and rearranged the chairs. The next morning the energy in the room had shifted. The air was clear. It felt good to be there.

That day, the negotiators discovered a solution.

The law of attraction is not a technique. It is a natural phenomenon. There is no greater natural law in the Cosmos than Attraction. From the magnetic pull of an atom’s nucleus to the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy, we are all constantly attracting something.

The key to attracting something that you want, lies in the definition of the word "attract." It means "to offer pleasure and delight."

Can you use your own ability to attract?

Practical applications to spiritual laws are my specialty. It is what I want to help you with in my new group mentoring program.

We are starting soon. If you are interested, send me a message.


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