Tips to build a Leadership Development Program framework

Time to create a leadership development program framework? 3 things you don't want to forget:
1.A persistent, focused effort creates long-term success. We hear stories of the meteoric rise to the top, but those "leaders" crash and burn quickly. When people are given enough time to gain a solid foothold, they will remain with you for the distance.

2.Seek advice from someone you respect. Companionship is comforting, even in team lead training and development.

3.Gentle persuasion is key. Demanding doesn't work in the long run. Be adaptable and flexible. Meet people where they are and you will be able to lead them to where you want them to be.
Volumes can be written when creating a leadership development program, but often it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Especially when your employee feels stressed in a new leadership position.
I remember one particularly bad day. I was exhausted. The situation had become too grim. I began to question my purpose in life. Could I make an impact? I had lost my will to continue, when a mentor saw my distress and intervened with this wonderful warning: "You've come a long way. Don't give up now."
She explained, "With so much coming at you, many people in your position would run away. Before you quit, consider this: How you embrace power, reveals everything. Are you strong enough to hold the power you are given?"
Then she smiled. It was a turning point moment. A little advice at the right time helped me survive the stress and continue my leadership journey.
At Joy of Leadership we have taught leadership development to over 150,000 people. Encouraging people to accept leadership roles makes us happy. We love it when they recognize that management doesn't have to mean misery. People make mistakes, which teaches flexibility. They grow strong from overcoming obstacles. Leadership is rife with pitfalls. This doesn't have to be any more than a simple annoyance. If you are dedicated to doing a good job; if you believe that "To Lead is to Serve;" if you supervise people, our leadership development programs are for you.
Our goal is to inspire you to be the leader you want to be by offering you simple, concrete solutions to everyday challenges. How do you create cooperation? What makes people give you support? How do you turn reluctant employees into willing participants? Our leadership trainings address these issues and more perplexing, challenging, and illusive management mysteries.
How to use these tips: Don't believe them. Try them. Test them for yourself. To be of service to the world, be of service in your world. Make a difference in the lives of those who work with you. Most of us have at least one former boss that we remember with gratitude; one who saw our potential and gave us a chance; recognized our talent and pointed it out; a boss who inspired our loyalty, trust and our excellence. Now that you are a manager, why shouldn't that great boss be you? - Shar McBee

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