The Power of Enthusiasm

2 Dangers of Enthusiasm:  When you are not feeling enthusiastic…and when you are.

Confucius said that if you could understand the power of enthusiasm, you could "rule the world as though it were spinning in your hand." In a leadership role, if you can whip up your enthusiasm, you'll rally your forces and they will move forward with you boldly. 

True enthusiasm is attractive.  It touches people at a deep, unconscious level and makes them want to join in the dance.  Enthusiasm is not persuasion; not a play on emotions.  It is not intellectual, it's instinctual.

That's why you can't fake it.  True enthusiasm makes the work easy.  People feel it.  You know it.  When you shout orders, but don't join in, you may as well be shouting to the wind.  You'll never get willing obedience with phony enthusiasm.

When you lead with true enthusiasm, it creates a lightness in the entire team.  People are more forgiving of each other and the whole group rises to new heights.

What do you do if you are not feeling it?

 The word enthusiasm means, "filled with God" and to attract means, "to offer pleasure and delight." We offer pleasure when we talk about the sizzle of our organization. The sizzle of attraction works like a magnet -- it draws others and keeps them coming back.

The key to truly attracting people to your cause lies in the definition of "attract." It means "to offer pleasure and delight." When you are absolutely delighted, you will attract help.

Enthusiasm is extremely attractive. What is wonderful about the project? What is irresistible about your organization? Enthusiastically sharing that with others so that they feel it, too, is true public relations.

Ancient Secrets of Attraction

                The epic poem The Mahabharata offers instruction in how to become attractive. A queen asks her Lord, "Who are those beings by whose side you stay and whom you favor?" In part the Lord responds:

                "I always reside with one who is attentive to business, endowed with gratitude and is high-minded in everything. I never reside with one who uses harsh and cruel words, who is distressed at every trifle, and who always indulges in wrath. I never reside with those who think in one strain and act in a different one. I reside with those who observe the virtue of forgiveness, and who are able to be prompt in action.

                "I reside with those who are devoted to their families and who are properly and neatly attired. I always avoid those who are unclean or impure, who have no patience or fortitude, who are fond of quarreling, and given to much sleep."

Let Time Take Care of It

After you have given your best efforts to attract enthusiasm among your team, be patient. Sooner or later, they will be attracted. They will come. If they do not come around immediately, don't worry.

The struggle to get out of the cocoon is exactly what makes a butterfly strong enough to fly. If we open a cocoon too soon, the butterfly dies. If we are willing to wait, in its own time the butterfly can take flight.

In the same way, if your efforts do not attract support right away, don't feel devastated. Just wait and let time take care of it.

The 2 dangers:  Be real.  Be true.  Don't fake it till you make it.  Find something (anything) that you truly are enthusiastic about.

When you are honestly enthusiastic, people want to listen to you. Enthusiasm enables you to inspire cooperation. It warms the heart. If communication between workers and management is cold, your organization will fail to realize its full potential.

Enthusiasm unifies people. Enthusiasm is a real force in society and particularly in business. Even the most well-organized company cannot succeed without it, so be enthusiastic. If you feel it, express it. The results can be magical.

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