The Golden Mean way to phenomenal success.

To what do you attribute your phenomenal success? (I asked this question to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the USA.)

"The Golden Mean," he replied.

"Do you mean the Golden Rule?" I asked.

"The Golden Mean," he repeated.

The Golden Mean is a concept used by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. I have always applied it to design but he pointed out how it applies to business.

He said, "Your success lies between extremes."

3 ways that 'The Golden Mean' has helped him to be successful:

  1. Find the middle ground.
  2. Seek solutions that consider both short-term gains and long-term consequences.
  3. Avoid both recklessness and excessive caution in decision-making.

To apply it, he suggests:

  • Turn the other cheek. You don't always have to be right.
  • Going blow for blow will only escalate a bad situation.
  • Abstain from vengeance.

Another Venture Capitalist that I spoke to last week gave this advice when I asked him, "What have been your biggest mistakes?"

  • Getting in too soon. Not enough due diligence.
  • Getting out too fast. Not persisting with things that I knew were great just because it wasn't working 100% yet. Or listening when other people said it was a waste of time.

Again: The Golden Mean.

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