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Ryan McCarty

Co-Founder of Culture of Good

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Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty is an author, speaker and the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc.

Culture of Good teaches for-profit companies how to operate their business with the soul of a non-profit to drive their business toward greater success.

Ryan is the author of Build a Culture of Good: Unleash Results By Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul To Work. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Inc.com, People, Forbes and more. He is also featured on podcasts regularly for his profound message on how to operate your business and live your life with a soul.

Ryan began his career as a full-time minister leading non-profit organizations for more than 20 years before becoming director of customer and employee relations at TCC, one of the nation's largest Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailers. During his time at TCC, Ryan launched and created Culture of Good, a movement that enabled the wireless retailer's 3,000 employees to give back in all 850 communities in which they exist. The Culture of Good inspires employees, ignites positive change in the world, and impacts a company's bottom line. Ryan's work during his five years at TCC drove financial results for the company, reduced employee turnover and truly built a Culture of Good within TCC.

Ryan bases his work on the principle that profit isn't evil. He believes every leader and employee can leverage their daily work to discover their life calling by making the world better and meeting the needs of others. As Ryan's book exhibits, the difference between a corporate social responsibility program and a Culture of Good is that the latter is the emotional operating system that becomes the business' DNA. A Culture of Good can drive a business toward greater success, inspiring their employees, customers and communities, and connecting to a greater purpose that can empower all their stakeholders to do more good.

Ryan McCarty
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Ryan McCarty
Featured Keynote Programs

Bring Your Soul To Work
Build Engagement with a Purpose Driven Culture

Rehumanizing work by aligning our passion and contribution to make the world better. The workforce of today seeks work that gives them a sense of purpose. But how do we discover our “Why” or higher purpose? And once we know our purpose, how do we honor it through a more purposeful, human work experience? When we bring our soul to work we are crafting our passion into our everyday work in ways that align our what with our why. Most days what we have to get done (the whirlwind) overshadows why we do it in the first place. This can lead to a lack of happiness & motivation causing feelings of emptiness. So how can our contribution spark the change we want to see in the world? When we bring our soul to work, we are aligning our passion and contribution together for a more positive, fulfilling workplace and world.

• Pinpoint your organization’s purpose to promote a more fulfilling work environment.

• Authentically share the good you do to attract and retain the best employees and customers.

• Reengage employees post-pandemic by fostering a culture of accountability.

• Establish a leadership culture that supports your people and culture strategies.

Work Your Passion/Lead Your Legacy

In this keynote presentation, Ryan challenges leaders to lead with the end in mind. He shares how to lead beyond position and title to adopt a servant leadership paradigm. The audience will learn how to lead through inspiration and authentic connection. Ryan shares his own story of a teacher who cared for him when his mom died from suicide and his dad was a heroin addict. The principles taught from his personal experience leading in non-profit and for-profit guarantees a life led for legacy for senior and up and coming leaders to answer the question, “How am I going to matter?”.

Topics: Leadership, servant leadership, company culture, succession planning, rehumanizing business, learning and development.

Recruit and Retain The Best People

In this keynote presentation, Ryan teaches how to engage potential and current employees/clients through 3 means: meaning, belonging, and fulfillment. Ryan shares how he used authentic storytelling to help build one of the largest cultural movements in the retail industry. The audience will learn how to lead through tumultuous change as transformative, values-based leadership that engages hearts and minds to answer the question, “What is the most compelling reason to work for us?"

Topics: Employee/client experience, recruitment, employee/client retainment & loyalty, hiring, onboarding, HR, culture change, cause marketing, employee/client engagement, competitive advantage, learning and development, leading through change, change management.

Ryan McCarty
Featured Book

Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul to Workby Ryan McCarty

Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul to Work

by Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty
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Ryan McCarty

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