Decide You Were Created for Greatness

Great people were not born great. They became great by making a decision to pursue their dream in life and by refusing to give up. The struggle we must all face on the road to our dreams is what makes us great. Ordinary people can become extraordinary if they consistently and persistently follow the principles of success.

Step one to success is realizing that even though we might be programmed for mediocrity, we were designed and created for extraordinary achievement.

You can learn to unlock your special powers to attract whatever you want in your life. It's just a skill.

Conditioning our minds for extraordinary achievement is simple but not easy. The road to huge successes in all areas of your life can be broken down to five steps: 

1) what you say to yourself, 

2) your beliefs and thoughts, 

3) what your do, 

4) your habits and 

5) your results.

What you tell yourself influences what your beliefs and thoughts are. Your thoughts determine what you do. What you do repeatedly becomes your habits. Your habits determine your results. If you are not happy with your results, change what you say to yourself and surround yourself with people who support and encourage the quest for your dream. If you do that, before long you'll be getting different results.

Successful people constantly talk about and think about what they want. Unsuccessful people constantly talk about and think about what they don't want.

How about you? What do you constantly think about? What do you always talk about? Is it what you want or what you don't want? How about the people you spend most of your time with? Are they focusing on the dreams or on the nightmares?

Did you know your income is the average income of the people you spend most of your time with? Want to double your income? Start hanging around people who make twice what you're making. You'll start thinking big, acting big, and earning big. Seriously!

Put it into action:

Start talking and thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life. Associate with successful people to become more successful.


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