Adapt, Overcome & Win | Missouri River m340 Race


Robyn Benincasa is the powerhouse behind founding World Class Teams and the Project Athena Foundation. She’s also an Adventure Racer, CNN Hero and the Guinness World Record Distance Paddler…with two ‘bionic hips.’The idea and vision behind Project Athena is incredible. Through Project Athena, women who have survived traumatic medical or personal challenges find healing by reaching their athletic and adventure goals. By banding together, each woman goes from survivor to athlete whether it’s through paddling in the Florida Keys or hiding the Grand Canyon rim to rim.  Robyn has done everything from exploring the Himalayas to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and even starting her own business. Her ability to combine her passion for entrepreneurship and adventure has made her one of the most inspiring voices and testimonies out there. 

Even more inspiring, Robyn recently competed in the Missouri River m340 race just one week after breaking her femur during training! Competitors endured 340 miles of strong cross winds, blazing sun and unpredictable weather to finish this grueling race. Despite her injury, she finished third out of 200 other solo boat competitors and the fourth boat to cross the finish line out of the total 424 boats! Congratulations, Robyn, on this incredible victory! Your strength and determination inspires us to no end. 

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Robyn Benincasa: World Champion Adventure Racer and Retired Firefighter, Keynote Speaker

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