Rick And Bubba Show Raise $887,000 For World Vision Charity

SYNDICATED SOLUTIONS morning show THE RICK AND BUBBA SHOW had a successful two-day Broadcast-A-Thon with humanitarian charity WORLD VISION. It was the 5th straight year they've partnered with WORLD VISION. The Broadcast-A-Thon, held OCTOBER 17th and OCTOBER 18th, has resulted in more than 650 children being sponsored worldwide.
The 2013 total so far exceeds $887,000 -- and since 2009 it's over $5.7 million combined.

RICK BURGESS and BILL "BUBBA" BUSSEY said, "When you're given a platform like we have with this show, it's things like the WORLD VISION Broadcast-A-Thon that really matter.  We've been blessed with an amazing audience who always shows up to support us ... and to think of the impact we're having on families that make an average of $80 a year all over the world is so powerful. Over 650 kids this year and almost 4,500 kids the past five years..Wow! It's humbling to think that somehow we are allowed to be part of something that makes such a difference.  Isn't that what we all hope to achieve in this business?"

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Source: All Access Music Group

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