Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Exclusive Representation

Shawn Hanks: CEO
April 08, 2021

Shawn Hanks


Premiere Speakers Bureau is pleased to announce exclusive representation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Secretary Pompeo is a unique figure in US history. As the only person to serve as the Director of the CIA and as Secretary of State, Pompeo has a uniquely penetrating understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing American security. Having been a CEO, he understands the political economic factors that permit companies doing business outside of the United States to be successful globally. 

Secretary Pompeo was an Army soldier, a business owner and leader, and a lawyer before he lead American spies and diplomats on behalf of the United States. He is also a father, husband and Kansan who has experiences that provide entertaining and valuable insights to a wide range of audiences.

Diplomatic successes ranging from meetings with Chairman Kim of North Korea to working with Latin American countries to grow their economies to the Abraham Accords building towards peace in the Middle East, Secretary Pompeo is uniquelyqualified to speak to all types of industries on the global economic climate, leadership in difficult moments and his personal journey to international diplomat.