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Dr. Randy Ross

Team Building Speaker, Bestselling Author & CEO of Remarkable

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Dr. Randy Ross

Dr. Randy Ross is a compelling communicator, craftsman of culture and bestselling author of multiple books, including his latest book entitled, Relationomics: Business Powered by Relationships. Working with brands like GE Appliances, Cox Communications, Compass Group, Chick-fil-A, Keller Williams and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, he has inspired and enabled countless people to find new passion and purpose in their work, work better together in teams and have greater influence and impact. When people like what they do, they do it better. When people like those they do it with, they work better together. When they like the impact they are having, they find meaning and fulfillment in what they do. Dr. Ross helps them find what they really like, while building healthier relationships and pursuing a passion beyond self. As the CEO of Remarkable and a former Chief People Officer, Dr. Randy Ross utilizes his experience to engage audiences worldwide with his keen insight and contagious humor. He is a messenger of practical wisdom and needed hope, untangling the biggest challenges facing today's business leader, tomorrow's workforce and the future marketplace. He lives with his wife, LuAnne, and four children in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Randy Ross
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Business Powered by Relationships

Relationships are at the core of our lives. They shape and refine our character. They influence our worldview. They’re not just important to us as human beings – they’re crucial. So it should come as no surprise that healthy relationships are the heart of successful businesses. And yet, many organizational cultures do not promote healthy relationships. Those that do, find that they enjoy greater effectiveness, reputation and loyalty.

In this powerful presentation, Dr. Ross unpacks the key principles and practices that create a working environment that inspires people to bring their best to work every day. Whether you are building teams in a corporate setting or looking to build stronger friendships personally, these principles will profoundly impact your relationships.

The Secret to Ultra-Luxury Service

You don’t have to “pull the stars down” to provide ultra-luxury service. Customer service and culture is about how well you connect with others. The more personal your service, the more impactful the results. And, culture is nothing more than how well you play in the sandbox with others.

Join Dr. Randy Ross as he unpacks the principles of Relationomics, which have the power to greatly enhance the way you connect with others. Improve your culture, enhance customer service and enrich your personal relationships with these highly transformative practices.

Building Teams That Stick Together

Some say that people are the greatest asset of any organization. The reality is that the right people are your greatest asset. The wrong people are actually your greatest liability. Getting the right people into the organization and onto the right teams will foster a culture conducive to creating movements of good, where people are fully engaged and performance is exponentially elevated.

Learn how to hire the right people and then empower your teams to garner remarkable results. Ownership empowers others to take responsibility for both the process and the outcomes and generates creativity and commitment. Learn how to be a leader that inspires greatness in others and fosters collaboration, maximizing results.

Winning the Talent War
Hire and Retain Top Talent

If you want remarkable results, then you have to do two things well. If you do these two things well, then everything else is easier. If you blow it on these two, then everything else becomes hard. To get remarkable results you have to hire remarkable people and craft a remarkable culture. Each is easier said than done. Most groups simply don’t know how to hire well and they settle for a culture by default, rather than intentionally crafting a compelling culture, where people are inspired to bring their best to work every day.

In this session, Dr. Randy Ross will introduce participants to the fascinating field of axiology. When hiring practices are values-based and values-driven, you screen for a higher caliber of candidate. Join Dr. Ross as he explores how to identify and engage top talent and craft a culture where movements of good become the norm.

Dr. Randy Ross
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Dr. Randy Ross
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