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Rachel Campos-Duffy

Rachel Duffy is a NYTimes best selling author, communications consultant, and television personality specializing in politics, culture and parenting. She is the host of America's #1 rated cable news morning show, FOX & Friends Weekend on the FOX News network. Rachel and her husband, Sean Duffy host a popular podcast, "From the Kitchen Table". 

Rachel got her start on television on MTV's iconic reality television show, "The Real World". Rachel's season filmed in San Francisco remains the franchise's most popular and culturally groundbreaking season. During a travel adventure show spin-off, Road Rules All Stars, Rachel met her future husband, Sean Duffy.

Rachel has also appeared as a frequent guest on NBC's Today Show and ABC's The View. In 2008, she co-hosted the series "Speaking of Women's Health" on the Lifetime Network with the legendary Florence Henderson.

Rachel's advocacy work has included serving as the national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative, a non-profit that advocates for the economic empowerment of Hispanics through limited government, entrepreneurship and self-reliance. She also served on the board of Hispanics for School Choice. Rachel's youngest daughter, Valentina, was born with Down Syndrome and Rachel considers it a privilege to use her platform to advocate for her daughter and everyone with special needs.

Rachel has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Arizona State University's Honors Program and a Masters Degree in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego. She is married to former Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy and they have nine awesome kids!

Rachel Campos-Duffy
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Current: Heartbeat International

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Heartbeat International
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Economic Liberty vs. Socialism in the Trump Era
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Rachel Campos-Duffy
Featured Keynote Programs

From Reality TV to Fox News
Lessons in Happiness From a Mom of 9

Finding love & choosing marriage in the modern world:

Using an entertaining, multimedia presentation, Rachel gives practical, usable advice for anyone looking for love or wanting to help someone find their soulmate. From ditching Apps and dating 80s style to bringing back the long-lost art of flirting, Rachel uses her own love story and experiences from her 24-year marriage to former Congressman, Sean Duffy, to explain how pop culture and technology are contributing to an epidemic of loneliness and alienation by lying to young people about the true sources of happiness and fulfillment. 

“The first key to happiness is to prioritize your love life. This is a completely counter cultural message. If I said this to a woman’s studies class, I might not walk out alive. But it’s true. If you meet and marry the right person, I promise you that everything else in your life – including your passions and your career dreams – will be easier to achieve.”

“I know #MeToo has made flirting and dating in 2023 more treacherous. Fears of being accused of sexual harassment have done a lot to kill the art of flirting. But perhaps some of the confusion is that with all the texting and social media, we’re losing our ability to read the signals between the sexes”

“Meeting your person, your soulmate, will be the most important and meaning adventure of your life”

The Fruits of Abortion
Death, Gender Ideology & the Erasure of Women

Using multimedia and examples from history and popular culture, Rachel takes her audience on an eye-opening and entertaining journey to understand where feminism went wrong and how the movement’s most central cause, abortion, has not only led to millions of innocent deaths but is the root of gender ideology and the current epidemic of sexual confusion. Ironically, feminism, which was supposed to elevate the status of women, is leading to the erasure of women, undermining our gender and our unique and irreplicable contributions to humanity.  

Rachel also explains the racist roots of abortion and the uncanny parallels between the abolitionist movement and the modern pro-life movement, the greatest human rights cause of our time. Rachel gives an honest and unflinching analysis and indictment of the cultural consequences of abortion, but she also celebrates our movement’s considerable victories and shares her optimism for a pro-life future for America.

“After years of preaching that gender is merely a social construct, feminists find themselves in the totally weird position of not being able to stand up for women’s sports – something women fought very hard for. “

“These are questions about what it fundamentally means to be a woman and what the feminist movement has done through their radical abortion agenda to erase rather than elevate and celebrate women and our unique and powerful contributions to the continuation of the human race.”

“Today, being pro-life means making the case for our gender and motherhood itself. We live in an anti-child, anti-family culture that tells young women to forgo motherhood for career, for the sake of the climate or convenience. Today, celebrating motherhood isn’t just counter cultural. It’s subversive and downright revolutionary.”

“Abortion has divided America for the same grave moral reasons that slavery divided America. In both cases, the powerful want to decide who is sufficiently human to have rights.”

“You are the Harriet Tubmans and the abolitionists of our time. You have dedicated yourselves to providing women with love and a safe passage from the darkness of abortion to the light that comes from giving life.” 

Socialism vs the American Dream

Using current events, a multimedia presentation, and American Dream stories (including her own family’s), Rachel explains why American capitalism, limited government, and a culture based on meritocracy and personal responsibility have created the greatest and freest country on earth. The biggest threat to American freedom and prosperity is socialism and the encroaching Chinese-style Big Tech surveillance culture and social credit score system. Rachel explains how this threat was put into overdrive during the Covid-19 and why restoring America necessitates a reexamination of pandemic policies. Transparency and accountability are the only way we can take back the freedoms we lost and make sure this never happens again.

“My parents taught us, by example, about education, opportunity and the American Dream. From their optimism and dignity, I learned to never be a victim. Today, that shoeshine boy (my father) is retired comfortably in sunny Arizona with my mom. His four grown children all have post-graduate degrees and his kids and 17 grandkids live lives that surpass even his wildest childhood dreams. My family, like so many of yours, is the embodiment of the American Dream. It’s the reason my parents love America and why they raised us to always be grateful to God that we were born Americans.”

“I’m sure you have heard AOC , Bernie Sanders and other progressives use the term “democratic socialism”. Don’t fall for it….Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

“The desire for freedom is etched in all of our hearts. God put it there. And people will do dangerous and daring – even irresponsible and illegal things – for a chance at freedom.”

“There’s no question that Covid put the Chinafication of America into overdrive. Today, American children who aren’t old enough to know any different, think it’s normal for the government to order businesses, schools, and churches to shut down. The vaccine passports and college tracking Apps are eerily similar to the Chinese social credit score system.”

“The most important thing I do with my platform is remind young people like you that this is not normal. This is not the America I grew up in. We cannot normalize the communist things that happened during this pandemic.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy
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