PAST: Peter Sheahan | 5/15

Presentation Topic

How to turn a challenge into an opportunity (and avoid creating chaos in the process)!

It is easier to talk about finding opportunities in disruption than it is to actually create it. Yes, we need to be taking action right now but it doesn't matter how well you execute the wrong idea or the right idea at the wrong time. In this raw and insight-packed conversation, you will be provoked to consider:

1. The primary questions you need to answer to understand the value you create, and how the changing needs of your stakeholders create emergent new opportunities

2. The journey of your own personal transformation as you embrace the professional risks required to transform what you do, and how you do it.

About Peter Sheahan:

After 15 years of standing in the fire with leaders of high-performing organizations, Peter Sheahan has come to believe that an organization will only go commercially where its leaders first grow personally. Having grown his own companies by accelerating growth and transformation for companies such as Apple, Chick-fil-A, DeBeers, and AT&T, Peter will provoke you to get bigger by getting better.

When leaders are true to their purpose, they gravitate towards doing work that matters and solving higher-order problems. In being true to his own ambitions and relentless pursuit of growth, Peter has published seven books, built three global companies, and delivered more than 3,000 presentations in 40+ countries.

Today he and his team are focused exclusively on inspiring leaders to do the hard work required to enable growth and transformation.

Peter Sheahan: Bestselling Author and World Renowned Speaker on Exploiting Business Trends and New Market Opportunities

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