Best Tech Gadgets Used By News Anchor

Written by Jefferson Graham

On Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, Neil Cavuto reads and discusses the news and business trends. But would you believe he's also "a geek ... a tech geek."

He showed off his gadgets in a recent interview at Fox News here, where we began by discussing his oversize phone.


Cavuto has an iPad, which he uses to check news while riding the exercise bike each morning, and two phones: a Samsung Galaxy Mega phone — or "phablet" — and the Galaxy S4.

Referring to the Mega, he says: "If you have fingers that are the equivalent of Jimmy Dean sausages, this allows you the room to type without making it look like a hostage note e-mail."

He has the S4 for home and Mega for work, and that's the one most used. "It takes all my reading material and puts it on one device. I have a lot to read every day. It used to be a big pile. Now it's all downloaded onto this." It's also great for video. "You're in the car, you're on a plane, you want to watch videos. On a standard phone it's limiting, but here you can stretch the real estate and do more with it."


All day long, he wears the Nike+ FuelBand wristband to monitor his daily activities. "It keeps track of all this stuff: how many calories you're burning. It doesn't quite register what you do on a bike; it doesn't count as steps, but I find it does come close to approximating calories burned. … It's overly nerdy, but I like it." He had looked at getting competitor Fitbit, but "I didn't like the feel of it. I felt it hugged your wrist. By and large I find this (Nike) less obtrusive."


• Flipboard (free; Apple, Android, Windows Phone). He has the social news app loaded on his iPad and brings it to work with him every day. "I'm a big fan, because you get everything under one stop. This is the bible for me."
• Nike+ Running (free; Apple, Android; works in conjunction with the wristband). "Keeps track of whether I'm doing anything right."
• Zillow (free; Apple, Android). He likes to check real estate prices with the Zillow app. "It puts out a chart every week that I like to put up. It monitors trends in all the regions."
• Finance sites. As a business journalist, he keeps up with Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and the Drudge Report.

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Source: USA Today

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