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Michael Medved

Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Film Critic, Best-Selling Author

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Michael Medved

Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author, and veteran film critic. His daily three-hour broadcast reaches more than 3.5 million listeners on nearly 200 stations across the country - drawing an audience that consistently ranks his show as one of the top ten political talk shows in the United States.

Born in Philadelphia, educated in public schools in San Diego and Los Angeles, Michael attended Yale as a National Merit Scholar, graduating with honors as an American History major. He then attended Yale Law School (where his classmates included Bill and Hillary Clinton) before going to work as a political speechwriter and consultant for a variety of liberal candidates and office-holders.

Michael Medved's first book "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE CLASS OF '65?" provided one of the first skeptical reconsiderations of the 1960's counterculture, and became the basis for a weekly TV series on NBC. That program led to Michael's work as a Hollywood screenwriter and movie critic, first on CNN, then for twelve years as co-host of "Sneak Previews" on PBS-TV. He also served as chief film critic for the New York Post before launching his radio show in 1996.

Medved's tenth book, "RIGHT TURNS" drew national attention in 2005, drawing 35 "unconventional lessons" from Michael's dramatic transition from "punk liberal activist" to "lovable conservative curmudgeon." The New York Times called Right Turns "A provocative memoir Even many of his readers who hold to very different political and social views will concede, grudgingly, the quality of Medved's intellect." National Review Online explains, "Right Turns is an engaging memoir and a moving tribute to America. It is also a very accessible road map for explaining the practical reasons old radicals often become older conservatives."

Michael Medved's other recent books include "HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA," a searing indictment of the entertainment industry. Englan's prestigious Guardian newspaper wrote: "Just occasionally, a book changes the way the world thinks. Michael Medved's Hollywood vs. America is such a book." Michael and his wife, clinical psychologist Dr. Diane Medved, collaborated on "SAVING CHILDHOOD: PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN FROM THE NATIONAL ASSAULT ON INNOCENCE." In October 1998, the Wall Street Journal wrote: "If Saving Childhood isn't an important book, I don't know what one would look like." His columns on media, politics and society appear regularly in USA TODAY where he is a member of the Board of Contributors, and he writes a popular daily blog on townhall.com.

Mr. Michael Medved has been a frequent guest on all the major TV talk shows, including Larry King Live, Nightline, Oprah, David Letterman, Good Morning America and countless others.

Long active in the Jewish community, Michael has served as president of an Orthodox congregation, and co-founder of a Jewish Day School. Since 1996, the Medveds have lived in the Seattle area with their three children.

Michael Medved
Featured Keynote Programs

Saving Childhood
Protecting our Children from the National Assault on Innocence

The innocence of children is assaulted on four primary fronts: media, schools, peer groups, and even parents themselves. Each of these forces serves perversely deteriorated ideas to corrupt and frighten our children. This talk focuses on three elements of childhood innocence worth defending: optimism, security and a sense of wonder. Mr Medved will focus on the media and practical steps that parents and society can take to defend these values and to preserve notions of childhood as special and something to shelter in human life.

Hollywood’s Three Big Lies

Public opinion surveys have shown repeatedly that vast majorities of Americans – of every political orientation, ethnic background and income group -- worry over the impact of popular culture on the next generation. Hollywood seems perversely determined to frighten and corrupt our children and, to many member of the public, the once beloved ‘dream factory’ has become a poison factory. To justify its own excesses of sleaze, violence, nihilism and irresponsibility, the entertainment industry invariably puts forward these three common excuses:

1. We just create harmless entertainment that has no real influence on anyone.
2. We just reflect reality, we don’t shape reality.
3. We just give the public what it wants. You shouldn’t blame Hollywood for creating bloody and ugly material; you should blame the public for its clear preference for such forms of entertainment.

Each of these excuses is a lie --- contradicted by a wealth of evidence. In this lecture, Mr Medved exposes these lies with solid logic and an abundance of information. He also answers the fundamental questions raised by devious arguments of Hollywood apologists. What is the real influence of TV, movies and pop music? How does everyday life differ from the images we see on the silver screen and the boob tube? Why does the entertainment industry stubbornly refuse to respond to the unmistakable public desire for more wholesome and uplifting contributions to the popular culture?

The only way to respond to Hollywood’s big lies is with the truth --- knowing the truth, speaking the truth and, as far as possible, living the truth. This address concludes with practical suggestions that can be followed by any family or individual eager for some protection against the onslaught of the American entertainment industry.

Hollywood’s Values vs. American Values

In this keynote address, Mr Medved challenges media bias without calling for censorship or the limitation of artistic freedom. It suggests that if freedom of expression is to be cherished alongside freedom of religion, then filmmakers and their colleagues owe audiences a fair and balanced presentation of the role of faith in the drama of life. Given the enormous impact of Hollywood’s films throughout the world, any diminishing of religion can be immensely destructive, both to society and to the motion picture industry. Mr Medved also addresses people of faith, challenging them to pay attention to distortions and stereotypes of their religious beliefs in the films they see. Comparing past and present depictions of clergymen, rabbis and believers from a variety of religious persuasions, this lecture provides fascinating and thought-provoking discussion.

The Inescapable Conflict
Religious Values in a Media Driven Culture

In this presentation, Mr Medved takes the radical position that the conflict between media driven values and eternal religious values isn’t a product of Hollywood’s contemporary degeneracy, but is rather an inescapable tension produced by the very nature of electronic media. TV and movies encourage a short attention span and a restless, impatient spirit; religion emphasizes a long-term view of reality and a patient, enduring view of life. Mass media promotes superficial glamour and thrills; faith requires that we look behind the surface of our world. Pop culture values fun; religion stresses happiness – and there is a world of difference between fun and happiness – because happiness must be earned and it has a chance to last. In this lecture, Mr Medved explains why the fundamental problem concerning media influences on modern life isn’t too much sex or violence in entertainment. It’s too much entertainment.

Michael Medved
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Michael Medved

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