Katie Linendoll | Tech Expert, Emmy Winning TV Personality, Speaker and Emcee

Katie Linendoll

Tech Expert, Emmy Winning TV Personality, Speaker and Emcee

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Katie Linendoll

Get ready to be inspired and tech wow’ed by Emmy Award Winning TV personality and Silicon Valley Visionary Katie Linendoll, the most captivating tech speaker in the industry right now. 

Known for her insightful keynote speeches on groundbreaking technology innovations, Katie shares life lessons that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the digital world on your own personal journey. 

With over twenty years’ experience as a top tech expert for national networks including TODAY Show, The Weather Channel, Popular Science, ESPN, to name a few and hosting dozens of top TV and digital specials, Katie’s TV experience comes to life on the stage with high energy and experience knowing every audience wants to be entertained. As someone admittedly with a short attention span, Katie gets it, she customizes each presentation and incorporates top clips and videos from her top media stories that keeps the attention! 

Tech savvy or not – Katie breaks down the latest innovations in an exciting understanding manner – just like she does on TV. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and to be inspired and motivated. 

Katie Linendoll
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Katie Linendoll
Featured Keynote Programs

Future Forward
Innovations in Tech and Secrets to Success

With top access to the world’s innovators and game changers, join Katie as she shares groundbreaking innovations in technology that are impacting the globe for good.
Each innovation is paired with audio visuals and a valuable takeaway lesson leaving the audience inspired and motivated to move forward fearlessly. 

Ignite Your Spark

Technology impacts each of our lives every single day. The world is changing, yet it’s hard to keep up with all the new developments and what we should expect in the future. As one of the most in-demand consumer technology experts, Katie Linendoll brings her passionate spark for tech to the stage. She enthusiastically shares her signature tech stories from major media outlets in a manner that is innovative, informative, and inspiring. Through a customized audio and video presentation, fully developed by her production company, she shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she chases her mission, or as she calls it her “spark,” which is finding game-changing technological innovations to share with the public. She takes the audience along on her journey and then invites them to reflect on their own spark—a passionate mission that they can ignite within their own life.

Inspired by that technological spark for knowledge, Katie’s inquisitive personality has taken her around the globe. She’s interviewed top CEOs, astronauts, deep-sea divers, and other game-changers in the technologic industry, witnessing firsthand how unique innovations can change the world. From robotic lifeguards to heads up displays that enable the blind to see, each day holds amazing discoveries and advancements.

With access to audiences in the millions, Katie feels a huge responsibility to share stories on her platforms that both educate and inspire others. Her vision and ability to search out the best stories has enabled her to trend for days on top network sites and has put groundbreaking technologies on the map (even crashing a few websites due to heavy traffic by interested viewers).

In this intimate talk, Katie provides a candid look behind the curtain of her media journey from ESPN to The Home Shopping Network to the TODAY Show, weaving real-life stories, ups and downs, successes, and failures.

With a long career in television, Katie knows how to entertain and capture her audience. She spends time properly researching and fully immersing herself onsite with each client. She also takes pride in the fact that she is regularly rehired by top organizations for their global events. In a unique and high energy style all her own, she aims to expand the horizons of those in attendance with a presentation that is fun, fast-paced, and memorable—leaving people motivated, inspired, and ready to ignite their own spark.

1. Identify your spark
2. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself
3. Make new connections and maximize opportunities (as an introvert herself - she gets it!)
4. Persevere and handle failure with blinders on
5. Stay on trend and embrace new technology

Katie also enjoys a post-Q+A and, depending on the venue, a post-talk integrated tech giveaway.

Go Ahead – Reinvent the Wheel!

Go Ahead – Reinvent the Wheel!

Some of the very best innovations have come from the world of tech — and some have come even when needed innovation seemed out of reach or even impossible.  So how can you tap into the same spirit of innovation found in tech?

Katie Linendoll has two decades of experience covering the world of technology for dozens of major media platforms such as The TODAY Show, The Weather Channel, and CBS Sports Radio, just to name a few. She’s seen firsthand how people have taken initiative to reinvent the wheel and push collectively toward something better.

In this dynamic audio-visual presentation, Katie draws from her wealth of experience, her technological knowledge, and her observations of inspiring tech-led innovation to inspire and equip her audiences with practical advice needed to excel in today’s ever-changing market.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn five valuable lessons from Katie’s twenty years covering technology and how you can use the same practical advice to impact your own business and/or personal success
  • Discover keys to innovating, reinventing, and adapting-forward fearlessly
  • How to move past fear and find the courage to reinvent the wheel at any stage

Top Trends in Tech Happening Right Now

In this dynamic audio-visual presentation, Katie shares with the audience the most wide-reaching tech stories she has uncovered for her national audiences. From A.I. to mixed reality, Katie shares the top future trends happening right now.  Katie’s insights and inquisitive reporter skills give her a unique perspective on tech’s top innovations, and she share these insights in ways that will inform, delight, and inspire audiences.

Audience Takeaways: 

  • A peek behind the curtain: an insider’s look at the biggest tech topics happening right now and how they can impact your business, your life, and the world.
  • Learn how innovative solutions are making a difference and how you can leverage technology innovation to create positive change in your own life.

Katie Linendoll
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