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Jon Petz

Jon Petz is the founder of Bore No More , an idea lab for increasing personal and employee engagement. As the author of several books, including the top-selling title, "Boring Meetings Suck", you can be assured that his programs are uniquely different, which audiences love because they're interactive, energetic and entertaining.

For over fifteen years, Jon has been delivering fascinating, fast-paced and funny presentations around the world that produce results. Drawing on his diverse experience as a top corporate executive, social experimenter, and professional comedy magician. His pertinent content is delivered masterfully with the engagement that is uniquely and unequivocally Jon Petz.

The USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, ABC News, Success Magazine and many other media outlets have covered the success of Jon Petz as an author, thought leader and engagement expert. American Business Journals named him a top 40 business professionals under the age of 40. He's appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, Food Network and has opened for groups from the American Idol Tour to Rascal Flatts.

Credits include: The USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, ABC News, Success Magazine and many other. As a comedy magician, he's appeared on NBC, CBS and FOX networks.

Jon lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and three daughters.

Jon Petz
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Jon Petz
Featured Keynote Programs


Our organizations are continually calling for an engaged workforce that has purpose and passion. This high energy and entertaining program will help attendees self-identify each and make sure they never feel like “JUST” anything. It’s your perfect opening keynote speech to fully engage your attendees into the conference and fuel their networking and discussions.

• Show up! Always be ready to perform at your best

• Create ‘SHOWTIME’ moments when YOU are in the spotlight

• Awareness is priceless
Realization of impact in an organization, family or community

At any given time – it might be YOUR time to fully engage, achieve greatness – and rise above the rest. You might not be expecting the spotlight, but when it hits – we must perform at our best. That’s SHOWTIME! Jon will share how your team or attendees can be ready, willing, and excited to take the spotlight and make a difference in their role, this conference and in life.

If you are looking for the engagement and WOW to open your conference or event – this is it! This high energy and entertaining keynote is perfect for the opening keynote presentation, all associate meetings and personal development

Create Significant Sales | Service Success

Meeting expectations in today’s world? Not enough! Just getting by? Not an option! Flying under the radar? No way! In this engaging and funny session Jon takes the audience through the powerful process of taking OWNERSHIP for their own actions to increase sales and retention while seizing every day, every experience, and every opportunity in the process. He shares the value in turning mundane moments into SIGNIFICANT, memorable – even MAGNIFICENT chances to impact your customers and even the little corners of our world in positive, empowering ways.

• Create YOUR story – NOT just meet an expectation

• Identify & Deliver significance to make lasting, personal connections

• Create AWAREness to motivate
innovated mindsets

• Rekindle passion in who we are and what we do

Jon leads audiences to transform their moments from boring to BOOM. From mediocre to MAGNIFICENT. From OK to OUT OF THIS WORLD. What can that do for YOUR organization? Skyrocket productivity. Send morale soaring. Fuel long-term team connectivity. All of which helps them create a culture where creativity is applauded, service is exponential – and customers can’t wait to share your accolades.

Sound like the direction YOUR team wants to take? Call Jon today.

Keynote presentation is structured for a sales or customer experience focus, or a combination of both.

Deliver Significance – In Simple Moments

Ever wanted to stand-out in your career? Build a personal brand that leads and inspires others? Or asked yourself about leaving a legacy?

Organizations today want teams who are engaged, passionate, and purposeful in their work. They’re hungry for the how-to’s that can help everyone from the person answering the phone to the one in the corner office, understand their significance and treat every day for the main event that it is rather than the dress rehearsal it is not.

Based on Jon’s third book, he will inspire mindsets and strategies to help your team identify, appreciate and deliver simple moments.

• Define their own significance and it what it means to them

• Identify opportunities to engage in unique ways

• Deliver moments of magic that make a difference

• Learn to appreciate the simple moments to balance our lives for maximum impact, happiness and efficiency

This inspirational and motivational keynote speech is perfect for a closing, or mid conference keynote presentation. It will be adapted for your association, Service, Sales, front line or Leadership event.

Boring Meetings Suck!

Right? It’s a different world we live in today. Rhetoric and routine won’t fuel your organization to outperform the competition. It won’t inspire your sales staff to set new records. Or help your leadership team create innovative solutions for guiding your company to exponential growth. What will? Jon’s take-no-prisoners approach to crafting communication meetings that blow the doors off the old way of doing things. Based on Jon’s best-selling book of the same name which has taken the business world by storm and been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC and CBS News, USA Today and many more – it’s changing the way companies do business – and they are loving the results.

You will too. In this powerhouse session your attendees will learn how to…

• Create a model for your meeting with a planned mission and outcome that engages attendees and inspires interaction

• Discover proven learning cycles that cultivate creativity and lead to quicker problem solving and solution discovery

• Expedite meeting times by fueling faster collaboration and cohesive teamwork

• Explore a spectrum of meeting styles to find the one that suits your team perfectly

• Foster empowering facilitation skills that drive results, create camaraderie, and spark innovative ideas

• Walk out the door using the “Phone Stack”, “Pass the Pad” and other easy and effective SRD’s

Don’t settle for boring. Or basic. Or the dreaded “same way it’s always been done” ever again. Instead help your team fire on all cylinders, jet-propel your productivity and save all the time, effort and energy you’d lose in dull discussions to set lofty, achievable new goals, take on tough competitors and nurture greatness within every member of your team. Your company is worth it – and so are they.

Jon Petz
Featured Book

Boring Meetings Suckby Jon Petz

Boring Meetings Suck

by Jon Petz
The guide that proves your meetings don't have to suck!

There's a big dull elephant in the boardroom: this meeting! Most of the millions of meetings held in the world today are a monumental waste of time and talent. Worse still, most of the so-called solutions and books for boring meetings are twice as boring.

Boring Meetings Suck provides tips and tactics to deliver "Get-In, Get-It-Done, or Get-Out" style meetings, while also tackling what most prefer to avoid; that you don't have to BE in charge of a meeting to TAKE charge of a meeting. This entertaining and take-no-prisoners guide is full of easily deployed SRDs?Suckification Reduction Devices?that will help you make your next meeting both efficient and effective.

  • Empowers attendees to politely speak up and get a meeting back on track, or graciously get out, without being fired
  • Shows how hosts can capitalize on technology, learning to crowd-source problems and increase participation
  • Defines surefire methods to get meetings to start and end on time and not have the speaker read the slides
  • STOPS over-invitation syndrome
  • The author has appeared before many major corporate clients, and was named a "Top Business Professional Under 40" by American City Business Journals

Your meetings do not have to bore, nor must they suck. Instead, get the winning techniques in Boring Meetings Suck, and make your meetings awesome in their engagement and productivity, or stop having them!

Jon Petz
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