What FDR Would Say Today

"The great fact to remember is that the trend of civilization itself is forever upward." [Click to tweet.]

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

During seasons of profound uncertainty, it's reassuring to know we've endured mighty storms in the past, weathered them together, and were actually transformed for the better because of them. We recognize this in our personal lives and certainly see repeated examples throughout history.

These lessons remind us it's possible during times of chaos and adversity to grow in character, rediscover what most matters and connect authentically with others. The future might be different than we expected, but also brighter than we'd previously imagined possible.

That doesn't make a pandemic, or a time of isolation, or an economic crisis enjoyable. It doesn't alleviate the intense pressures many of us currently face in our households, communities and countries. It should, however, provide a sense of confidence in today and ferocious optimism for tomorrow.

Last week I had an online lunch-and-learn with almost 100 clients on how they can effectively lead, navigate and communicate to their organizations. We thought sharing part of it might provide you with some hope and perspective. The program begins with some beautiful words from President Roosevelt. He shared them during a time of global crisis. They needed to be heard then; perhaps they need to be heard by you today:

My friends, this is your day. Live Inspired.

P.S. – We've been doing video work with clients for more than a dozen years. If we can help serve, inspire or galvanize your organization during these days, please let us know. We're here for you. And we're confident the best is yet to come.

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