Daily Inspiration: " .Experiential capital is the new capital for the 21st century!"

"There's no time to learn, to study, to plan. With that being your new reality, figure out what you don't know, and do the things that are necessary to begin to know about it! Experiential capital is the new capital for the 21st century!" – #Futurist Jim Carroll

The quote is directly from my Web page, "The Reality of Disruption
(24 Reasons Why Your Company Might Die Before You Get Old)" https://disruption.jimcarroll.com

If you don't know why the world around you is changing, and why your business and industry will be unrecognizable in 5 or 10 years, study the list!

Take a look at the final item – the quote above.

Where did it come from? Way back in 1999, twenty years ago, I began talking on stage about the idea of what I called "experiential capital."

I crystallized it into a PDF I put together a few years later, "10 Unique Characteristics of 21st Century Skills" I pretty much nailed the future of talent management, as all of the trends in the PDF continue to accelerate today. Give it a read:


One of those characteristics? This one!

Skills are Experiential.

One of the most important assets that a company can invest in is "experiential capital"--that is, the cumulative knowledge the company has generated through innovation, risk, failure, and success. Boost that skills capability and you've done something that flows onto the bottom line

Simply put, my theory – and the reality today – is this: old knowledge is going out of date faster than ever before, and new knowledge is the key to success. Yet it is all happening so fast that it is almost impossible to learn about the things that you don't yet know about.

You need to plan in the absence of clarity; you need skills that you don't yet know exist.

How do you deal with this? By continually working with new projects, exploring new ideas, challenging your next frontier. You have a rough idea of what you need to learn about – chase it, don't study!

Pursue experience, rather than knowledge & the knowledge will come!

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