The Rookie Jim Morris on Family, Baseball, and The Importance Of Keeping A Promise (Podcast)

You are either a reaction or a reflection of your parents*.  Young Jim Morris suffered at the hands of his father but decided that his life would be different.  Jim Morris would be not only a great father but someone who would reach out to kids in need and help them.  Of course, when it turned out he could magically throw a baseball as fast as almost anyone on earth when he was closing in on 40 years old, the story took an entirely different turn.

Jim Morris is best known as the real-life inspiration for Disney's "The Rookie" starring Dennis Quaid.  In this exclusive interview on the Beyond Speaking podcast, Jim Morris talks about his tough upbringing, the bet with his high school team that changed his baseball life, and the importance of keeping a promise.

Jim Morris also talks about (spoiler alert!) the highway speedometer scene that really took place, what he hears from Texas Highway Patrol because of it, and what it was like to try out for the Tampa Bay Rays as a walk-on at an advanced age.

BONUS FUN FACT:  When we recorded this interview, I had fun talking with Jim Morris about a crazy coincidence.  His story was of a boy from Texas with an abusive father who turned that pain into something that would inspire thousands of others.  Dennis Quaid played him in the movie.  One of Jim Morris' favorite bands is Mercy Me.  In 2018, the movie "I Can Only Imagine" was released about a boy from Texas with an abusive father who turned that pain into something that would inspire millions of others- the song "I Can Only Imagine" which sold millions of copies and downloads.  Believe it or not, Dennis Quaid plays the boy's father in the movie.  Jim was very excited to see it.

Listen to the full interview with Jim Morris on the Beyond Speaking Podcast.

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Brian Lord is the President of Premiere Speakers Bureau and host of the Beyond Speaking Podcast. Brian has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio, the Huffington Post (UK), and was chosen as one of Nashville's 40 under 40.

*Great wisdom from Bob Goff in his interview for the Beyond Speaking Podcast.



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