Gary Allsop | Self Motivation Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Quadriplegic

Gary Allsop

Self Motivation Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Quadriplegic

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MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

Gary Allsop

On April 29th 1989 whilst playing Australian Rules Football for Warrandyte in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Gary Allsop suffered a broken neck in and on field incident leaving him a quadriplegic.

Gary was no longer able to work as a nightclub DJ, had to sell his house and his marriage fell apart. Never one to be negative, Gary slowly picked up his life and set about educating thousands of primary and secondary students about life in a wheelchair and the dangers of diving. He also speaks to many other people in varied community groups about overcoming hurdles, coping with adversity and self-motivation.

His audiences have ranged from students at Melbourne University to AFL Clubs St. Kilda, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Carlton and Richmond, as well as local football clubs, Lions and Rotary Clubs, Riding for the Disabled and various other community groups at luncheons, dinners and other social and corporate functions.

Gary is able to tailor his inspirational and uplifting presentation to suit any audience, though the underlying motivational message remains the same, with its common thread to all.

He allows each person, in a friendly, informative and humorous way, into his world and shares with them the personal struggles he has endured, the mental strength and attitude it has taken to cope with his disability, not only now, but also in the initial stages of his injury.

Gary also informs his audiences about the many and varied activities he is involved in, and shows it is possible to live a full and productive life in spite of a major disability. His hope is that each person will take away something positive, that is of motivation for them personally. His motto is: Never take things for granted and cherish the precious life that we all have?.

Prior to his accident, Gary worked as a nightclub disc jockey for 7 years and was also in Sales and Marketing. Gary is also an accomplished songwriter and he has written and recorded songs for major sporting events and provided voice-overs for local community radio.

He is an Honorary Director and Victorian Chairman of Spinal Cure Australia, a charity organisation raising much-needed funds for Spinal Cord Research. His work involves creating public awareness, gaining publicity and lobbying the State and Federal Governments, corporate sector and general public. In May 2003 Gary held a fundraiser Celebrity Shirts for Spinal Cord Research and single-handedly raised $80,000. For his efforts, Gary received a Tattersalls Award in March 2004 for enterprise and achievement having demonstrated persistence and determination above the norm.

Gary's determined passion is to one-day walk again and regain some semblance of his life back. He is doggedly working towards being part of that solution and he has personally convinced the Victorian State government to contribute $63 million into spinal Cord research, announced on the 20th of June 2005.

Gary's presentations are highly motivational, very inspiring and a must see to any audience.

Topics: Achievement, Inspiration, Motivation, Sport

Travels From: Victoria (available only in Victoria)

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Gary Allsop

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