Graffiti artist Erik Wahl's Unthinkselected as 2013 Business Book of the Year

Article from Yahoo Finance

Business book connoisseurs 800-CEO-READ have announced that renowned graffiti artist Erik Wahl’s book UNthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius from Crown Business has been selected as the business book of the year in the “Innovation & Creativity” category. It is also a finalist for best overall business book of the year, an award which will be announced in early January, according to the company’s website

Written in the tradition of A Whole New Mind and First, Break All the Rules, UNThinkchallenges readers’ assumptions about their workplace and their lives-in-general and then teaches them to step outside their comforts and conventions to discover the adventure, passion, and breakthrough solutions they’ve been missing. By the time they put down the book, they will see themselves as they artists they are, and their days as blank canvases on which to create their unique masterpiece.



Erik Wahl is an artist, author, entrepreneur, and visionary. He is internationally recognized as a graffiti artist and one of today’s most sought after speakers on the corporate lecture circuit. His presentations during which he performs live paintings inspire professionals to unearth and leverage their own creativity to achieve superior levels of performance. The strategies he offers create disruptive innovations that lead to breakthrough thinking and results. In the past 10 years ERIK WAHL’S artwork has raised over $1.5M for charitable causes around the world.

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Erik Wahl: TED Presenter, Creative Communicator and Author of "Unthink"

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