Dr. Brad Johnson | Author of "What Schools Don't Teach" and "Teacher's First" & Voted one of Global Gurus Top 30 Education Gurus in the World

Dr. Brad Johnson

Author of "What Schools Don't Teach" and "Teacher's First" & Voted one of Global Gurus Top 30 Education Gurus in the World

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Dr. Brad Johnson

Dr. Brad Johnson is a captivating figure, celebrated as one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers in the realms of education and leadership. With an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Dr. Johnson's transformative messages have touched the lives of countless educators, administrators, and aspiring leaders.

As an accomplished author, he has penned several influential books, each brimming with insights and wisdom. Among his acclaimed works are "Dear Teacher," which provides heartfelt guidance for educators seeking to create meaningful connections with their students, and "Principal Bootcamp," a comprehensive guide for aspiring and seasoned school administrators looking to excel in their roles.

In addition to these impactful titles, Dr. Johnson's literary contributions also include "Putting Teachers First," a compelling call to prioritize the well-being and professional growth of teachers, and "Learning on Your Feet," an innovative approach to instilling creativity and engagement in the classroom.

Furthermore, his profound expertise extends to the esteemed volume "From School Administrator to School Leader," published by Routledge, which serves as an invaluable resource for current and aspiring educational leaders, offering profound insights garnered from his rich background and experience.

With an impressive career spanning nearly three decades, Dr. Brad Johnson has traversed the various facets of the education landscape. Beginning as a dedicated teacher, he navigated the challenges and joys of the classroom, crafting meaningful learning experiences for his students. Embracing new opportunities, he then transitioned into administrative roles, bringing his unique perspective and compassionate leadership to elevate entire school communities. Alongside these roles, he has also shared his knowledge and passion as a respected university professor, nurturing the next generation of educators and leaders.

As an influential thought leader, Dr. Johnson's impact reverberates beyond the pages of his books and the walls of classrooms. With a strong online presence, he actively engages with a global audience on Twitter, where his handle @DrBradJohnson serves as a beacon of inspiration, fostering discussions on education, leadership, and personal growth.

Dr. Brad Johnson's profound dedication to education, along with his transformative speaking and writing, continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of learning, empowering individuals to become compassionate, effective, and visionary leaders. Through his work, he encourages all to embrace the boundless potential within themselves and those they serve.

Dr. Brad Johnson
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Dr. Brad Johnson
Featured Keynote Programs

Principal Boot Camp

School administrators have one of the toughest jobs in America. In the past, principals were hired with an expectation that they would be given time to to put their fingerprint on the culture of the school. The principal had time to develop relationships, implement changes and develop a plan for a sustainable vision that could take years to implement.

However, with a demand for immediate results, such as improved test scores, or creating a more positive culture, principals are usually hired to fix problems, not just to lead. This isn’t always the case, but is definitely a major reason. What makes the job doubly stressful is that with a demand for instant change, a principal is no longer given years to make changes, but may only be given a year.

This is where Principal Boot Camp can help you out. In our instant results culture, there are strategies that can help a leader accelerate processes to achieve desired results. These include understanding your strengths and leadership style, building rapport, decision-making, handling the 3 C’s (conflict, crisis, and challenging the process), motivation and team building, as well as several other important strategies. This workshop will help you lead from day one!

Putting Teachers First

Teachers are told that students come first, and for teachers this is true. However, for administrators, the teacher comes first. The teacher is the most valuable resource of an administrator. Even in business, effective leaders understand that employees come first and when properly motivated, encouraged, and engaged, then they will put the customer first.

Dr. Johnson presents strategies to create a positive and dynamic culture. Every leader in a school can influence the culture of a school. Some of the topics addressed are empowering your faculty, the 50-25-25 rule, selfless vs transactional leadership, and learn how to leave the But’s behind when observing classrooms and to engage in Aspirational Conversations, which show your faculty that you value them and how best to improve the school.

Finally, learn how to improve teacher job satisfaction through the effective use of their talents, building a championship team (horizontal and vertical) and how to challenge the status quo, or handle conflict, which can be productive in the team setting. Research also suggests that when teachers feel like they are valued they are 6 times more engaged and productive than teachers who don’t feel like they are valued by their administrators. 6 times more productive!

World Class Classroom

This speaking topic is about a growth mindset from the traditional education template. Until the age of four, most children function at a genius level, but by age 18, only 10% function at this level. What happens during those years? Formal education! We focus on student weaknesses, conformity, and compliance. We say we value innovation and change, but in reality, we reward compliance and conformity. Mainly by focusing on the weaknesses of our students to meet a standard on a test.

However, students are exponentially more successful when their strengths are identified and developed. In essence, our strengths give us value/worth and when students experience success because of their strengths, then they are willing to take risks and try new things or harder things. This World Class Classroom focuses on the essential R’s of education (Respect, Relationships, Relevance, and Responsibility) as well as helping students identify and develop their (Strengths + Passions = Purpose). These concepts and strategies help with student engagement, behavior, and achievement. Students can’t become anything they want, but with a development of their strengths, they can become World Class Students; the best they can be!

Learn on Your Feet! Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom.

Overwhelming research suggests that we have shortchanged a generation of students by creating a sedentary learning environment in our schools. What is the result? Stagnated tests scores, increased behavioral issues, and an epidemic rise in ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and even obesity.
Do you have students who are bored, disruptive or off task? It is rarely related to the content, the teacher, or even classroom management, but it is because they lack core and functional strength. Interestingly, core and functional training actually develop the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for focus and attention. It’s not your teachers or your curriculum; it is the sedentary students who can’t focus. In fact, doesn’t it seem as if every child has ADD if they sit still in a desk all day! Only 1 in 12 students have the core strength and balance of students from the 1980’s. Physical activity, especially core strength develops the executive functioning center of the frontal lobe. This area controls organization, multi-tasking, regulates emotions and helps increase focus.

 Learn how to incorporate more physical activity into STEM classes, teambuilding strategies, and how to integrate technology with movement. Want to help your students excel in academics, improve focus/behavior and get healthy? Let them learn on their feet, not their seat!

Dr. Brad Johnson
Featured Books

Becoming a More Assertive Teacher: Maximizing Strengths, Establishing Boundaries, and Amplifying Your Voiceby Dr. Brad Johnson

Becoming a More Assertive Teacher: Maximizing Strengths, Establishing Boundaries, and Amplifying Your Voice

by Dr. Brad Johnson

Being cooperative, empathetic, and accommodating are great qualities for teachers but can also lead to higher rates of frustration and eventually burnout. In this empowering new book from Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, find out how becoming more assertive can help highly agreeable teachers thrive.

First, take personality quizzes to find out how agreeable or assertive you are! Then the authors delve into why that matters. You’ll find out how assertiveness differs from aggression and passivity and why it is a valuable tool for teachers, so you can stand up for your own needs and rights while respecting the needs and rights of others. Chapters cover establishing healthy boundaries, learning when to say no, dealing with conflicts, becoming more self-aware, leveraging your strengths, finding your voice, and more!

Each chapter is filled with practical strategies and examples, and ends with a toolbox feature to help you build your skills. As you learn to become more assertive, you’ll improve your interactions and will feel more heard―and fulfilled―in your teaching role and in life.

Building Dynamic Teamwork in Schools: 12 Principles of the V Formation to Transform Cultureby Dr. Brad Johnson

Building Dynamic Teamwork in Schools: 12 Principles of the V Formation to Transform Culture

by Dr. Brad Johnson

How can school leaders foster more effective teamwork and collaboration among teachers to improve instruction and culture? Brad Johnson and Robert Hinchliffe uses the analogy of geese V formations to show what effective teamwork really looks like for success. He discusses roles and responsibilities--each goose has a role to play in the flock, from leader to follower; the importance of recognizing individual strengths and assigning roles accordingly; and the impact of each team member fulfilling their responsibilities. He also discusses the skills that the teams need in order to work together: working together to achieve a common goal; fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose; adaptability and flexibility; encouragement and support; trust and reliance; and leadership and followership. Each chapter is filled with strategies and examples for leaders in any setting, and ends with a Sharpen Your Winning Edge section offering tips you can use immediately.

Dear School Leaderby Dr. Brad Johnson

Dear School Leader

by Dr. Brad Johnson

Dear school leader, you have a big impact on your teachers and students! In this follow-up to the bestselling Dear Teacher, motivational speaker Dr. Brad Johnson provides 50 inspiring quotes for leaders, along with stories and practical takeaways, to thank you for all that you do and to help you thrive in your role.

Dr. Brad Johnson covers topics such as focusing on your assets instead of your agenda; remembering your purpose; embracing failure; overcoming imposter syndrome and decision fatigue; celebrating the small things; becoming a world class you; and more!

The book is perfect to gift to the principals and other administrators in your life, or for your own nightly reading as you reflect on the day. The uplifting advice will help you focus on your purpose in this profession – and will help you remember that even when you’re having a bad day, you’re making a positive difference!

Thank You, Teacher: 100 Uplifting and Affirming Letters from Your Fellow Educators by Dr. Brad Johnson

Thank You, Teacher: 100 Uplifting and Affirming Letters from Your Fellow Educators

by Dr. Brad Johnson
Principal Bootcampby Dr. Brad Johnson

Principal Bootcamp

by Dr. Brad Johnson
Dear Teacherby Dr. Brad Johnson

Dear Teacher

by Dr. Brad Johnson
Putting Teachers First: How to Inspire, Motivate, and Connect With Your Staffby Dr. Brad Johnson

Putting Teachers First: How to Inspire, Motivate, and Connect With Your Staff

by Dr. Brad Johnson
Learning on Your Feetby Dr. Brad Johnson

Learning on Your Feet

by Dr. Brad Johnson

In this much-needed book, you'll learn how incorporating physical activity into the classroom can improve students' engagement, achievement, and overall wellness. Students typically spend most of the day sitting at their desks, and many don't have recess or PE, yet research shows that regular exercise helps stimulate brain function and improve skills such as reading, critical thinking, organization, and focus. Authors Brad Johnson and Melody Jones, who have consulted with schools across the globe on fitness issues, offer a variety of games and activities you can use to integrate exercise into any class or subject area. You'll learn how to:

  • Create an active classroom with active workstations and fitness areas to keep students alert and engaged throughout the day;
  • Gradually introduce physical activities into your everyday classroom routine;
  • Use interactive technology to teach your students about health and fitness;
  • Try out a variety of activities and exercises to reduce stress, help students focus, promote teamwork, build core strength and balance, and more;
  • Make STEM classes more exciting with hands-on activities, projects, and real-world problems, all while getting your students up and moving.

These activities are easy to implement and are designed to improve one's physical and mental capabilities, as well as increase enjoyment of learning for happier, healthier, higher-achieving students.

What Schools Don't Teach: 20 Ways to Help Students Excel in School and Lifeby Dr. Brad Johnson

What Schools Don't Teach: 20 Ways to Help Students Excel in School and Life

by Dr. Brad Johnson

Are we adequately preparing students for life beyond school doors? Schools teach students not to be competitive and never to fail. Yet in the real world, people compete for jobs, and they often fail many times before reaching success. In this thought-provoking book, authors Johnson and Sessions describe 20 skills that are overlooked in schools and in educational standards but that are crucial to real-world success. They describe how you can develop these skills in your students, no matter what subject area or grade level you teach.

Youll learn how to

  • promote leadership;
  • allow competition;
  • encourage meaningful engagement;
  • help students find their voice;
  • incorporate edutainment and pop culture;
  • motivate towards excellence
  • hold students accountable and responsible;
  • foster perseverance and the ability to learn from failure;
  • teach effective communication;
  • and much more!

Each chapter includes insightful research, thought-provoking stories, and practical strategies that you can take back to your own classroom.

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