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Dave Dugan

“Comedy customized to fit every corporate event!”

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Dave Dugan

Jim and Martha Dugan's boy- Dave- was born to be a comedian. A one-of-a-kind delivery accompanied by impeccable timing and imaginative comedy angles has led DAVE DUGAN down the path to NATIONAL TV APPEARANCES and to RAVE REVIEWS from corporate event planners.

Starring in his own comedy special "HUMAN CANNONBALL," produced by DRY BAR COMEDY, Dave's laidback persona also translates well to more intimate, VIRTUAL presentations.

Customizing each performance to best fit each audience and industry, Dave Dugan's approachable and affable style has often been compared to the great Tim Conway!

Dugan's dry, natural wit has earned him appearances on HBO, COMEDY CENTRAL and FOX, but his first national breakthrough performance happened on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. Dave also sports the "lowest voice in comedy" (making him a standout emcee) and he's heard regularly on morning radio's nationally syndicated BOB AND TOM SHOW (over 250 appearances).

Feeling a bit mischievous? Instead of introducing Dave as a comedian, consider bringing him on stage under the guise of an IMPOSTOR : An expert in the field or a consultant or even a new hire that just happens to be related to the CEO...Then watch your fellow employees' reactions. Dave will arm himself with the right amount of research to be believable but will present outlandish ideas and left-of-center concepts to make the audience wonder "What the heck is up?" Dave has utilized this path on many occasions -before launching into a comedy performance (once he confesses who he really is) always with unpredictable and great results!

As a corporate comedian and keynote speaker in demand, Dave prescribes to the philosophy that the absence of humor renders life impossible, a philosophy that led him to create the topic "LAUGHING YOUR WAY THROUGH LIFE." This original, clean performance shows everyone how to find the humor in nearly every daily life situation, making it a perfect fit for any company, group, or industry!

One more fun fact, Dave recently set a WORLD RECORD for number of laps driven around a roundabout (717 laps!) Appropriately set on Groundhog's Day---the quest helped raise thousands for cancer programs and services. At their annual fundraiser, the charitable organization presented Dave with an award to acknowledge his world record for charity. Dugan claims, ''it is the only award I have ever won, unless you count Honorable Mention for my 5th Grade science fair project----The Digestive System."

Dave Dugan
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Dave Dugan
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A laugh-packed performance customized to best relate to your group or industry. Unique observations and tips on everything from beating the system in today’s economy to how to cope with travel frustrations to struggling with constantly changing technology ---all delivered in his Bob Newhart-like everyman style. Dave is often the victim of his own situations and messages are weaved in effectively and subtly in a non-preachy way that motivates everyone to see the humor in themselves. Sporting the deepest voice in comedy, Dave is often hired as both the entertainment and the emcee.


Being introduced as a so-called expert or a new hire in an upper management position with whacked out ideas or even portraying a desperate, pathetic competitor are just a few examples of Dave's successful approaches as an impostor. You help create the fake, yet believable bio and he’ll play the role. An inept brother-in-law to the CEO, a stuffy, full- of- himself consultant, anything goes when it comes to Dave’s portrayals. Due to detailed research, the audience is convinced of his credentials ( at least initially.) The fun is watching their reactions as they try to ‘figure this guy out.” As one client stated, "It was as if you were a co-worker here for 20 years...months later, you are still the talk around the company!"


Not usually a topic choice, but Dave’s unique handling of emcee duties makes it worth mentioning as one! With a trained and distinct voice, he weaves in humor seamlessly to make even the driest event memorable.

Dave Dugan
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Dave Dugan

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