Dan Quiggle | Former Ronald Reagan Aide, Entrepreneur, Speaks on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Dan Quiggle

Former Ronald Reagan Aide, Entrepreneur, Speaks on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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Dan Quiggle

Dan Quiggle Inspires Optimistic Leadership. He is an author, serial entrepreneur, and leadership keynote speaker who is passionate about inspiring leaders at all levels in their practical pursuit of extraordinary leadership. For over 30 years Dan's goal in life has been focused on creating value in his multiple businesses, for his employees, his vendors, and most importantly, his family. Dan equips each individual in his audience with tangible ways to excel--both personally and professionally.

He began his career in the post-Presidential office of Ronald Reagan where-politics aside- he had a front row seat to history and learned leadership from one of the most gifted leaders of all time. Dan strives to emulate and refine the leadership skills he observed directly from President Reagan and is passionate about sharing his experience with a new generation of leaders.

He is an acclaimed top-tier speaker for Vistage Worldwide, a CEO think tank, and Young Presidents' Organization. He is the author of Lead Like Reagan, the host of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies Podcast, and is a sought-after speaker on leadership, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally. Dan has over 20 years of experience motivating audiences to lead well, live with purpose, and leave a lasting legacy. Through all of this, Dan has had the unique opportunity to see both success and failure up close and personal through the eyes of thousands of CEO's. Having started four of his own companies, Dan now speaks around the world full time to help coach and mentor leaders and their brilliant teams with his CEO of S.E.L.F keynote presentation.

CEO of S.E.L.F was created to inspire leaders and teams to focus on a holistic view of leading by painting a vivid picture of what real leadership looks like. In today's culture that places the primary emphasis on success and numbers, this presentation pulls the focus to the individuals who bring the vision to life. Through the four elements of this keynote speech groups will be exposed to a new way of presenting their strengths and personal stories. They will be challenged to view life and work through the lense of emotional intelligence. Their understanding of leadership will be placed under the microscope and analyzed through exposure to numerous perspectives. And finally, the question that has left rooms full of CEO's quiet will be asked. Are you having fun? As simple as it sounds, Dan weaves power and authority into the matter in a way that will leave groups inspired to step up for the sake of the only life they have to live and for the teams they are fortunate enough to be a part of.

Dan is a dynamic and energetic speaker whose information and stories are memorable and immediately applicable.

Dan Quiggle
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  • Dan Quiggle
    Featured Book

    Lead Like Reaganby Dan Quiggle

    Lead Like Reagan

    by Dan Quiggle
    A first-hand account of Ronald Reagan's leadership style, with personal insight and practical application.

    Lead Like Reagan is a guide to more effective leadership, inspired by the Great Communicator himself. Drawing upon his time serving Ronald Reagan, author Dan Quiggle relates lessons learned first-hand from his front row seat to history. Using Reagan and other prominent business leaders as examples, Quiggle illustrates what leadership looks like at the highest levels, why such leadership is effective, and how it can be successfully emulated. Readers will learn strategies to motivate, communicate, and inspire, forming a unique leadership template with personal application.

    Sitting at the feet of greatness and personally observing what Ronald Reagan did and said, made an indelible mark on Dan's own personal leadership style, shaping his thoughts about the key traits and actions of great leaders. In Lead Like Reagan, readers gain insight into both the personal attributes and leadership traits which are required to lead with vision, excellence, and impact. Practical advice and inspiring vision provide a template to:

    • Assemble the right people to form a successful team
    • Earn loyalty and commitment from others
    • Lead by example to model excellence
    • Manage crises by finding the opportunity in the midst of challenge
    • Leave a lasting legacy of optimism and inspiration

    Leadership is a process of continual growth and Ronald Reagan provides an inspiring example. Lead Like Reagan is a meaningful and memorable guide to leadership, forging a framework for inspiring greatness and achieving success.

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