Twenty years ago, Craig and Marc Kielburger boldly set out to change the world. At the age of 12, they realized their vision of a better world, free of poverty and started the hard work to make it a reality. A movement which started in their own communities soon bled into partnering with schools, inspiring kids at home, and even changing the way they make choices as consumers. WE is now one of the most influential social enterprise and non-profit movements in the world. WE Villages has resulted in more than 650 schools and schoolrooms to be built where 55,000 children have gotten a chance at education. WE has also helped give one million access to clean drinking water, deliver 213 healthy babies, and provide over 2 million meals! 

The coolest thing about the WE movement is Craig and Marc’s ability to inspire others to start changing the world. Whether you’re a family, school, or business, WE offers a multitude of ways to get involved and make an impact on the world.

“Over the years, we’ve discovered that it’s far more important to reach as many people as possible—especially youth—and empower them with the knowledge that it’s not up to anyone else, it’s up to them to make a difference.”

-Craig Kielburger

“We wanted to make caring cool and changing the world possible for young people.”

           -Marc Kielburger

The second coolest thing: they celebrate other young change makers each year with WE Day. This is a ticket-free celebration to which attendees must earn their admission by donating their time to changing their communities. If you haven't already, watch the re-broadast of the event above. We guarantee you'll leave with an entirely new perspective of what being a world-changer means. Here's the impact of WE Day so far:



“Welcome to the greatest classroom in the world. WE Day is a powerful, life-changing experience with world-renowned speakers and performers, mixed with real inspirational stories of change.”

Source: WE.org

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Craig Kielburger: Co-Founder of the WE Movement, Advocate for Child Rights

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