Cheryl Thompson | Author of "Fire Your Boss! The 19 Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success"

Cheryl Thompson

Author of "Fire Your Boss! The 19 Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success"

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Cheryl Thompson

Hire the woman who puts the WOW! back in the worn- out woman. One of the hottest motivational speakers on the platform today, Cheryl Thompson's mission is characterized in 6 little words - Dream Big, Love Big, Live Big!

Cheryl, speaker, author (of 8 books including Fire Your Boss! and Be the Bigger You) and founder of has a personal mission in life to help women LIVE BIG and stop living lives of endless mediocrity. She knows every woman has a calling - but many are too scared or too overwhelmed to play big and she's here to help.

An energetic speaker and enthusiastic teacher, Cheryl Thompson gives audiences encouragement to go with real-life examples and practical, down to earth messages. Whether it's a 'What a Difference a Dream Makes" workshop for BlueCross and BlueShield, a keynote to the Future Business Leaders of America, or a private seminar for a doctor's association, Cheryl's message is contagious and wildly upbeat.

An inspiring media guest, Cheryl Thompson is featured nationwide on talk shows and reaches millions in her quest for helping others find personal joy, happiness and fulfillment. A veteran implementer of the phrase "doing it all", Cheryl's strategies show others how they too, can live the life of their dreams.

Cheryl Thompson's energetic style and confident message make people want to Live Big! Dubbed the Queen of Encouragement by media experts, Cheryl's "you go girl" style enchants audiences as she helps individuals find more fun, meaning and joy in the everyday.

Cheryl Thompson
Featured Keynote Programs

How To Be the Bigger You

Most people are living little, hiding behind the minutia of life, existing and barely surviving instead of joyfully living! (Cheryl calls it Trapped in Minutiaville). This shows people how to dream big, love big and live big! And how to set the all important goal of living a glorious life.

10 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Life

Based on her short course, “Get a Grip On Your Life!”, Cheryl’s focus is on helping you LOVE YOUR LIFE. She takes stress, guilt, husbands, relationships, time, kids, creativity and all the other important “stuff” and shows you how to blend them together to get a grip! She dispels the myths of quality time, setting the wrong priorities, and the biggie of having it all.

Fire Your Boss!

The entrepreneurial topic is based on her book, Fire Your Boss and shows people how they can escape the rat race and realize the magic of living their most glorious life!

The Nice Girl Syndrome – Are You Afflicted?

From a self-professed nice girl (Cheryl herself) who was formerly afflicted with the nice girl syndrome. Do you say “I’m sorry” when you’re really not. Please people when you’re inwardly seething inside? Never ask for what you really want. Learn how it’s possible to be nice AND get what you want. Take the “Nice Girl” test.

Cheryl Thompson
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Cheryl Thompson

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