CNN Interview: Chad Williams on Special Forces vs ISIS In Syria

Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Former Navy SEAL Chad Williams speak would agree when we say that he has a gift for captivating an audience. His dedication and sacrifice as a SEAL gave Chad the ability to offer his unique perspective on global affairs. His military expertise has been featured on major news networks (such as Fox News, CNN) to provide commentary to prominent reporters like Anderson Cooper, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade. The above video is Chad's recent appearance on CNN where he offered his insight on the latest development with special forces deployed in Syria. 

Chad has had the opportunity to speak to a multitude of audiences on leadership in the corporate environment as well as other Veterans. If you aren’t familiar with his story, be sure to check out his bio here. He loves engaging any audience he has the opportunity to meet, which is apparent from his strong track record of glowing post-event feedback and positive social media presence. He goes even further on this with ‘Ask A Navy SEAL’ where visitors to his personal website get an opportunity to have their questions answered. His innate ability to connect with others paired with solid content make him a valuable addition to any event. 

Source: Chad Williams 

Chad Williams: U.S. Navy SEAL. Author. Speaker.

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