PAST: Carey Lohrenz | 06/11

Span of Control

What do you do when you’re under pressure, overwhelmed, and ready to get what you really want? As one of the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilots in the US Navy, as well as a mom, wife, business consultant, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and global speaker, author Carey Lohrenz knows that the stress we experience can be just as intense as the stress in the cockpit of a fighter jet going Mach 2. But she’s got a secret weapon to prevail: years of training to overcome the specific natures of uncertainty, stress, burnout, anxiety, and pressure.

At our core, we know we’ve lost control. We’ve lost our grip on what we really want and who we really want to be. In order to solve the challenges of chaos and make our goals, dreams, and commitments a reality, we have to understand that in order to succeed when the pressure is on and to improve our performance overall, we’ve got to know what we can and cannot control.

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Carey Lohrenz: Author: WSJ best seller Fearless Leadership; First female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy

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