Bronkar Lee | Author of BAM: Bold Achievement Method, Speaker and Entertainer, Tonight Show & America's Got Talent Veteran

Bronkar Lee

Author of BAM: Bold Achievement Method, Speaker and Entertainer, Tonight Show & America's Got Talent Veteran

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Bronkar Lee

Bronkar Lee isn't your typical keynote speaker. His unique background includes touring Europe as ringmaster to a world-renowned circus, appearing with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, and beatboxing with his son in a viral video that received over 150 Million views .

Bronkar plays 42 instruments and counting (including drums, saxophone, guitar, and Native American flute) which he's incorporated into live performances and presentations for over 20 years. Music and sound affect our physiology, change our attitudes, and connect us together as humans, which is why it is so effective in demonstrating techniques for improving communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Bronkar has produced multiple theater shows, and he also founded the Set Your Tone Summit in Atlanta, Georgia (a full-day experience of live music and Ted-talk style presentations from various thought leaders). He serves as the current President for the Georgia National Speakers' Association.

Bronkar collaborated with his wife Cyndi Harvell Lee to write the book BAM: Bold Achievement Method , outlining his 6-step process for accelerated learning, and they are currently working on their second book together.

Pulling from these vastly different experiences, Bronkar provides a refreshing perspective on innovation, creativity, and the maintenance of our health and well-being.

Bronkar Lee
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Bronkar Lee
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It’s no secret that we must be innovative in order to stay relevant in today’s world. Unless you want to go the way of Kodak, Blockbuster, or General Motors, you must create a solid foundation that’s ready to adapt and adjust when needed. This means nurturing the growth and creativity of individuals (from the bottom to the top) and building a culture that supports originality and inventiveness. Speaker, author, and musician Bronkar Lee pulls from his wealth of experience in the performance world to deliver a new understanding of how to plant the right seeds for explosive success — making creativity far more accessible to the individual in everyday work and life. He incorporates live music and audience interaction to demonstrate how to create a learning lifestyle, fruitful collaborations, and effectively sustainable habits. This energetically inspiring presentation will give you specific techniques and tools that will amplify creative thinking and boost innovation for powerful results.

You’ll learn how to:
● Generate better and more creative solutions to problems
● Leverage and build upon your skill set to embrace uniqueness and increase the value of your contributions
● Use specific tools that will help you maintain your own creative well-being for improved focus and clarity
● Bring freshness to your day-to-day processes for better workflow
● Collaborate so that the effects of creativity are multiplied
● Create and sustain a culture that welcomes innovation and creativity

Ignited By Possibility

How staying in sync elevates our potential.

We live in an era of constant transformation, and as the world continues to change, we are constantly looking for ways to not only keep up -- but to stay ahead. No matter what our organizational goals are, the key element in making them happen is still the human beings. The way that we, as humans, collaborate and communicate can make all the difference between success and failure. Much like musicians performing a song, everyone benefits exponentially from staying in sync, keeping in tune, and remaining in tempo with each other. In this session, world-class performers, viral video stars, award-winning facilitators, and virtuosic musicans Bronkar Lee and Aaron Williams will share the secrets of extraordinary collaboration.
You'll learn how to: • Level up your communication skills for a more effective exchange of ideas
• Leverage and build upon your unique skill set to increase the value of your contributions
• Build a culture that identifies hidden opportunity, realizes potential, and thrives when working together

** This presentation will be customized to the event audience, conference theme, and content needs, based on pre-event calls with conference leaders.

Bronkar Lee
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BAMby Bronkar Lee


by Bronkar Lee

Bronkar Lee
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