Sonya Jones | Contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Featured on US Weekly, and Coach

Sonya Jones

Contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Featured on US Weekly, and Coach

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Sonya Jones
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Strength in Being Broken

Life is hard for everyone! The good news is that brokenness can often lead to your greatest strength! Join the star of NBC’s Reality TV show The Biggest Loser, Sonya Jones, as she uses the story of a devastating childhood injury to inspire you to overcome adversity in your own life.

Join the Journey!

Sonya Jones’ most requested presentation will motivate and inspire you to take the best possible care of yourself in order to accomplish all that you really want in life. Jones shares her experiences as a contestant on NBC’s Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser, as a tangible way of encouraging you to become the most effective version of yourself possible. You won’t want to miss this powerful presentation—which has been a true “game changer” in the lives of thousands!

What’s Your Game Plan?

On NBC’s Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser, Sonya Jones confessed to the entire world that she was a real-life “40-year-old virgin!” An abstinence instructor for many years, Jones encourages students not to sacrifice their future by indulging temporary pleasures in the present. This presentation has encouraged many students to lead a life of abstinence until marriage—not simply because God says so (which should be reason enough), but as a way of pursuing the safest, healthiest and, ultimately, happiest way of life.

Isn’t It Amazing What Our Bodies Can Do?

Before becoming a contestant on NBC’s Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser, Sonya Jones was a 5’4”, 283-pound woman in a world of hurt! Pre-diabetic, she suffered from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diverticulosis, severe sleep apnea, and arthritis in her joints and lower back. Within one month of beginning to lose weight on the show, Jones was off all medication and on her way to true health. Join her as she shares inside secrets, not just from her time on the show, but to maintaining her weight loss ever since.

Lead by Example

As a former teacher, coach, and administrator—Sonya Jones understands that, if no one is following you, then you’re not a real leader you’re just out for a walk! She’ll help you learn how to create a positive atmosphere among your staff, fostering a sense of ownership and buy-in that will build a unified team that can work together cohesively and effectively. Life’s too short to waste time in a miserable work place, so let Jones show you how to turn things around TODAY!

Why Not You?

You have the power within you to make a difference in the world around you. You can be an agent of change in the lives of the people around you and truly impact this world. What is holding you back? What fears do you need to set aside? What keeps you from believing that you have what it takes to make a difference? Join me in this presentation of how to both ask and answer the tough question of…Why Not Me? Let’s peel back the layers of whatever is keeping you from answering this very important question and embark on a journey of you becoming a game changer in the lives of others.

All In!

When you jump off a boat and into the ocean, you don’t just get a little wet—you get SOAKED! Every inch of you is immersed in the water when you go ALL-in! This presentation will encourage you to stop skimming the surface of your life and relationships and instead go ALL-in, proceeding with reckless abandon in every area of your life! As Jones likes to say: “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly” —as you go “ALL-in” to become the best possible version of yourself!

The Battle with Binge Eating Disorder

As a contestant on NBC’s Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser, Sonya Jones thought that she just had a little problem with food. Turns out she was battling a condition called Binge Eating Disorder. Join Jones as she transparently peels back the layers in her own life and experience to help you recognize that you TOO have the power to overcome this debilitating disorder causing you untold stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. After a real (and raw) look at a topic that’s all-too-seldom addressed, you’ll leave both inspired and empowered to overcome!

Oh Hey, Girl, Hey!!!!

Ladies, are you looking for a Girls Night Out speaker? Are you looking for someone who can both entertain you and help put things into perspective? Do you want to laugh, cry, snort, hug and love on your girlfriends? If so, this is the perfect session for you. With the multitude of tasks before you as a mom, daughter, friend, neighbor, wife, boss, employee, sister and the list goes on and on…you might just need a break. This session will remind you of why you “do what you do” and how to survive while “doing what you do.”

Good vs. Best

How often have you heard it said that the enemy of BEST is good? Sonya Jones will help you learn to distinguish between good and BEST in your job, personal relationships, and everyday life! Let her challenge you both to determine and to pursue what is in your long-term best interest!

Defining Moments

We all have moments that can make or break us! As a coach, Sonya Jones had a ringside seat to watch athletes both flop and soar. She’ll share several exciting stories of victory and defeat that will encourage and inspire your athletes to leave it all on the field and make it across the finish line!

For Education
Are You Leading or Are You Just Out On A Walk

As a teacher, coach and former administrator, I understand the importance of leadership. I also understand that in order for us to be leaders, people must be following us. If no one is following you, you aren’t leading anyone, you’re simply out on a walk. In our time together we will actively learn how to create a positive atmosphere, ownership and buy-in on staff. We will create unity through team building experiences and demonstrate how your team, your school, your staff can work together cohesively and effectively. Life is too short to be miserable in the work place, let’s work together and build the strongest team possible.

Lessons from a Loser

They say it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, right? Well, Sonya Jones learned that lesson in a powerful (and painfully public) way—standing on stage in front of 5 million people as a finalist on NBC’s Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser. Thankfully, she’s been able to use her loss of a $250,000 prize to demonstrate the importance of “losing” with grace, mercy, and personal integrity. The truth is—sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. Jones is preparing future generations to be overcomers (who will make some fine lemonade when life hands them lemons)!

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Sonya Jones

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