Dr. Sidney Dekker

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Dr. Sidney Dekker Speech Topics

Safety differently.

Today, we spend a lot of time on the work of safety and have lost sight of the safety of work. Safety Differently, embraced by multiple top tier organizations globally, offers a compelling alternative to the bureaucratisation and increasing compliance of work. It sees people not as a problem to...

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Human and organizational performance

There are different ways to look at the performance of your people and your organization. Humans are either the most unreliable element, undermining an otherwise well-built organization, and they undermine . Or your people actually create safe and efficient performance through their everyday...

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Just culture and accountability

It is easy to build a retributive ‘just’ culture in your organization, asking about rules and violations and consequences. But it might well erode trust between the people you rely on for your organization’s performance. Trust is easy to break, and hard to fix. A restorative Just Culture,...

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