Sherry Strong Bio

Think about hiring Jamie Oliver, Anthony Robbins and Dr. Andrew Weil in one tiny blonde power pack!

Sherry Strong is and chef, nutritionist and dynamic lifestyle motivator. Sherry, formerly twice her current size has spent over 20 years in the study of human nutrition, food and wellness. In doing this, she has discovered the secrets of vitality, youth, stress management and healthy permanent weight loss.

She is the author of "Natures Principle" and creator of the Anti Diet which promises all these things without dieting and while experiencing true pleasure and quality of life. An internationally recognized expert on food and its connection to wellbeing, Sherry Strong is transforming & energizing personal and workplace wellness.

Sherry turns 'workplaces into wellplaces by working with executive leadership teams and is called on by blue chip companies and government departments to help increase productivity, reduce sick & stress leave and increase employee energy levels with seminars, Anti Diet workshops and team building exercises like the Corporate Iron Chef Competition.

Topics: Chef, Diet, Food, Health, Nutrition, Productivity, Work Life Balance, Stress Management, Wellness and Wellbeing

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