Shaun Derik

Shaun Derik Youth, empowerment, youth communicator, Motivation, teen Shaun Derik Youth, empowerment, youth communicator, Motivation, teen

Shaun Derik Speech Topics

Use your Inside Voices - Middle/High School
Now more than ever young people have the power to change the world. Though advances in technology has made life more convenient for some, social media and reality programming has made mindless behavior, drug abuse, bullying, and a lack of respect for others widely acceptable – making it hard for...
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Dreams & Detours - Middle/High School
Using the metaphor, life is a song, Shaun teaches listeners to pay attention to the music playing in their heads and to be mindful of negative influences and how we treat others. Just like the components of a successful production, this presentation challenges you to learn, practice, and perform...
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Back to your Future - Middle/High School
In High School, the term “Back to School” can take on a whole new meaning: For some of our young people, back to school can mean back to a stressful peer environment: being picked-on on the school bus, sitting alone in the cafeteria, or just not feeling adequate enough to learn. Back to Your...
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Back to your Future - College
After high school, the term “Back to School” takes on a whole new meaning: a new perspective, diverse surroundings and a crash course in adulthood. Some students will know exactly what they want to do, some will have no idea, but all are sure to experience 3 things in a way they have never...
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Saying Something - Adult (Youth Advocates)
“Speaking is easy...saying something is the hard part”. Youth empowerment coach Shaun Derik takes you on a journey into the minds of some of the most influential people of our time, exploring the common trait that made them all famous- great communication! With a person-to- person approach, Shaun...
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