Shane Snow | Award-winning tech and media entrepreneur,  investigative journalist, and author of three bestselling books on the science of human behavior: Dream Teams, Smartcuts, and The Storytelling Edge

Shane Snow

Award-winning tech and media entrepreneur, investigative journalist, and author of three bestselling books on the science of human behavior: Dream Teams, Smartcuts, and The Storytelling Edge

Shane Snow
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Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apartby Shane Snow

Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart

by Shane Snow

Award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow reveals the counterintuitive reasons why so many partnerships and groups break down--and why some break through.

The best teams are more than the sum of their parts, but why does collaboration so often fail to fulfill this promise? In Dream Teams, Snow takes us on an adventure through history, neuroscience, psychology, and business, exploring what separates groups that simply get by together from those that get better together.

You'll learn:
  *  How ragtag teams--from soccer clubs to startups to gangs of pirates--beat the odds throughout history.
  *  Why DaimlerChrysler flopped while the Wu-Tang Clan succeeded, and the surprising factor behind most failed mergers, marriages, and partnerships.
  *  What the Wright Brothers' daily arguments can teach us about group problem solving.
  *  Pioneering women in law enforcement, unlikely civil rights collaborators, and underdog armies that did the incredible together.
  *  The team players behind great social movements in history, and the science of becoming open-minded.

Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinkingby Shane Snow

Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking

by Shane Snow

Serial entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow delves into the reasons why some people and organizations are able to achieve incredible things in implausibly short time frames, showing how each of us can use these “smartcuts” to rethink convention and accelerate success.

In every era, innovators from art to science to business have used what psychologists call “lateral thinking” to find better routes to stunning accomplishments. Smartcuts shows how they bucked the norm—and how the rest of us can too. Snow shatters common wisdom about success, revealing how conventions like “paying dues” prevent progress, why kids shouldn’t learn multiplication tables, and how, paradoxically, it’s easier to build a huge business than a small one.

Smartcuts tells the stories of people who dared to work differently and lays out practical takeaways for the rest of us. It’s about applying entrepreneurial and technological concepts to success in life and work, and how, by emulation, we too can leapfrog competitors, grow businesses, and fix society’s problems faster than we think.

Smartcuts for Accelerating Innovation & Thinking Differently

Breakthrough innovation happens when we rethink conventional wisdom. But how do you train yourself—or your organization—to think differently? How do you foster an environment where it’s safe to do so, where innovation can thrive without destroying your business?

How do the world’s most clever companies manage to not only endure change, but harness it to climb to new heights? How do rocket makers and children’s hospitals stay alive in the face of market shifts and competitive challenges? What can established businesses learn from revolutionaries, crazy geniuses, and crackpot comedians to help manage changes big and small?

In this clever and surprising keynote, Snow debunks myths of success, shares unforgettable research and stories, and fires audiences up to 11. You will never think the same.


  • Inspire intrapreneurship, and spur your audience to think differently about their current challenges
  • Get your group to work more innovatively—and to get the naysayers on board with new ideas
  • Teach your audience a framework for breakthrough problem solving
  • Kick off a conference or offsite by getting people in a more open-minded place or close out a conference with a bang!

Dream Teams and the Science of Breakthrough Collaboration

This brilliant and entertaining keynote performance will change the way you think about people, progress, and collaboration. 

Shane Snow takes audiences on a rollicking adventure, revealing the secrets of the world’s most successful teams and coalitions in history.

You’ll learn about the surprising factor behind most failed mergers and marriages; how a certain method of fighting is more useful than brainstorming; how leveraging “cognitive diversity” helps groups outmatch competitors; the science of becoming open-minded—and the outsize effect it has on group success; and the counter-intuitive truths about becoming better team players ourselves.


  • Create high functioning, hyper efficient, and highly effective teams
  • Deal with people more effectively, saving time and solving problems in more innovative ways
  • Debate smarter, influence better, and help your team get the most out of those around them
  • Help your team get “diversity” right—and learn to leverage differences instead of keeping diversity superficial
  • Turn conflict into fuel for progress—neutralizing negativity, minimizing ego, and learning how to harness “cognitive friction”
  • Inspire people to develop intellectual humility, the #1 skill that will set apart innovators, leaders, and workers in tomorrow’s workplace


An award-winning journalist and author, Shane Snow's work can be found in The New Yorker, GQ, Fast Company, and his three books, the latest of which is Dream Teams. He speaks globally about innovation and teamwork; now, he's transitioned his dynamic on-stage presence to virtual gameshows.

This customized virtual event is tailored to meet your client's needs. It features interactive game play based on the industry and learning objectives, three custom videos for learning breaks throughout the show, and more!

The Storytelling Edge and How to Transform the Way You Work and Do Business

In this fast-paced keynote, Snow shares the secrets to powerful storytelling, with compelling (and often hilarious) stories and behind-the-scenes insights from his award-winning content company and hit book The Storytelling Edge.

With his signature blend of dramatic narrative and rigorous science, Snow shows not only how each member of the audience can use storytelling to supercharge their jobs, but how stories work at a neurological level, and how our organizations can harness their power to build relationships, make people care, and spur change.


  • Teach your audience the brain-science of stories, and the key elements of world-class storytelling
  • Help your organization master the art of storytelling for marketing, branding, or recruiting
  • Help your group to leverage the power of stories for building relationships—and to use storytelling more effectively in their everyday work
  • Kick off a conference or offsite with energizing and actionable food-for-thought
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