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Award-Winning CEO, Presidential Appointee, former US Ambassador and UN Delegate
Latest Review
Lisa inspired our alumni and gave them the confidence to make outside-the-box moves to reach their purpose and potential. Her approach was ...
8 Reviews · 9 Videos
District of Columbia  
Byrd Baggett & Mother Nature, the natural choice for personal and professional development.
Latest Review
If you need a speaker with heart, someone to personally connect with your audience, someone who brings a principle-based message for all ages, ...
8 Reviews · 1 Video
Speaker, Author and Executive Coach
Latest Review
Feedback from attendees was exceptional.
8 Reviews · 4 Videos
Legendary College Football Coach / Turn-around Leader
Latest Review
He outlined the four key questions to ask yourself if you want to be a success. As he pointed out, these questions/topics aren't revolutionary, ...
3 Reviews · 1 Video
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Thought Leader on Optimizing Workplace Culture, the Future of Work, and Engagement in the Workplace
Latest Review
You absolutely knocked it out of the park & nothing but amazing feedback & accolades for you. I anticipate many inquiries will come your way. ...
15 Reviews · 2 Videos
Public Opinion Pollster, Author, Co-Founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports, Political Analyst
Latest Review
Scott's presentation was great. He worked with one of our staff members ahead of time to learn about our group, and everyone was very pleased. ...
7 Reviews · 4 Videos · 1 Book
$12,500 - $15,000
Former White House Senior Advisor & Central Figure in Launching the New Populist Movement
Stephen Miller is one of the original and leading voices, thinkers and strategists of the America First Movement. He is consulted regularly by...
1 Video
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Dreams and Detours, Back to Your Future
Latest Review
“We’ve booked Shaun every year for consecutive years. Every time is a winner.”
3 Reviews · 2 Videos
World-wide Best-selling Author, In-person and Virtual Speaker and Advisor, Culture Coach
Latest Review
No surprise but Kevin was simply amazing. Everyone is still buzzing about it!
14 Reviews · 7 Videos
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Inc. 500 CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Navy SEAL
Latest Review
The e-mails are pouring in, thanking me and agreeing that Alden Mills is our best speaker to date. We were all truly inspired by his talk and the ...
40 Reviews · 7 Videos
Create high performing teams by transforming managers into leaders
Latest Review
We had used Fahd for several events when we wanted to make an impact on the message we asked him to share. He has a natural charisma, the charm ...
4 Reviews · 4 Videos
Founder of Positive Results Training Company
Latest Review
hanks for your inspiring program to our student body! I have only heard great comments from our students and faculty. Your candid approach to ...
6 Reviews · 1 Video
Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, Executive Coach, Culture Curator, & former Google Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, Executive Coach & Culture Curator. Previously, she led global DEI efforts for Google, Pfizer,...
2 Videos
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Former NFL Player, Pass Rush Specialist Coach for the SF 49ers
Latest Review
Al Harris is a true motivator--taking stock of one's abilities and enhancing them through life is the key to success.
9 Reviews
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Former NCAA / NFL athlete, Author of "The Dad I Wish I Had"
Latest Review
I believe in strengthening relationships to see desired results, which is why I have continued to work with Freddie Scott for the past five years ...
9 Reviews · 8 Videos
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Award-winning Founder & CEO | Global Citizen across 4 continents| Global Speaker | Fortune 500 Global Marketing Leader driven by purpose+profit
Latest Review
As a passionate leader and speaker, Raquelle vividly makes the story come to life with metaphors and visuals that resonate. In the 20 years, I've ...
4 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Expert, Connecting Well-Being and Performance; Healthcare Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author; Host, American Express Business Class Docuseries; Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School
Latest Review
You exceeded our expectations! You gave everyone practical tools to increase focus, tame distractions, and assure that we have the energy to ...
13 Reviews · 7 Videos
Workplace Culture Expert
Latest Review
Loved your enthusiasm and practical approach to mental and physical health. Thank you!
26 Reviews · 4 Videos
Former Director of Football Operations at Chelsea FC
Latest Review
Mike brought an attention grabbing, motivational message about high performance, mind set and team collaboration - all wrapped around personal ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
New York  
Yvonne Adele - Ms Megabyte - true multi-media personalities!
Latest Review
Her flaming hair is only a minute indication of the determination oozing from her every pore. She is a very entertaining guest speaker who is ...
14 Reviews
One of Google’s 1st Google Certified Teachers, Innovation in Education and Learning Design
From his earliest days as a middle school teacher, Brian embraced technology's vast potential in students' learning experiences. This interest...
1 Video
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